Monday, February 28, 2011

Lazy Monday

I was very tired this morning. So was Ki. and Connor. So we are a tad bit behind.

Connor actually went back to bed; he still has that cold.

Ki practiced his script lines with me while Gavin was looking up news articles on Paintguns that look like real assault riffles; being shot at cars by teens.... Not quite what I had in mind when I told him to read current events this week.... I was thinking about the revolts , Lybia, gas prices, rioting...


***I am freezing ***

Lipton Bavarian Berry Tea

I gave Gavin a math goal for the whole week; to master 7 new topics by the end of this week. I don't give many assignments but Brian is less 'unschool' than I am, so we have to keep the school principal happy.. and the boys have told me that they want me to give them assignments/teachings in the areas that they plan to go into in college.
So, I give Gavin 'end of the week' math goals. Then on Monday he plans how much math to do each day. Some weeks he will do it all on Monday-Wednesday and have the rest of the week free of math and some weeks he prefers to piddle around the first few days then get it all done on Thursday & Friday and some weeks he does a pretty even amount through the week.
Gavin decided to switch from Algebra 2 to Geometry a few months ago. He likes Geometry much better and maybe after geometry he'll be ready to finish the Algebra 2.

He has a goal of 4 'maths' during high school.

Ki is cutting words out of magazines to make a ransom note.

Monday Morning and once again I am BEHIND on my bible Study homework. But seeing as how I am in this same place every Monday maybe I should stop thinking of it as 'behind' and think of it as' just where I should be.'

and I don't have any Sugar Snap Peas to plant.

Instead of Science Class today, we player 3-Player Blokus (Connor was taking a nap)

Hmmm, Gavin was talking about Pandemic being a cooperative game
(and cooperative games in general)

and Ki mentioned RPGs are cooperative.
Ki likes Pandemic and he likes RPGS.
I like RPGs, but only when played at home.
I'm odd like that.

from one of my friend's blog, but I couldn't remember which friend so I had to Google it.
Recipe is HERE

Try it. It is YUMMY.

Brian is catching Connor's cold. So that means
I'll be picking the boys up from the Acting Class Carpool.
That means I might as well just hangout in A.G. at Starbucks or something,
finishing up my Bible
Study homework.

Change of plans. I drove the boys, picked up the friend, helped read lines, and did NOT get to finish my Bible Study homework.

got home at 7, ate frozen pizza, Checked on Brian (who is sick now), and will now go finish my Bible Study.

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