Monday, February 14, 2011

Guts & Glory

Monday is Ki's Breakfast Making Day, but the Fridge was OFF LIMITS (just today-due to the gang wars) so he had to wait for me to come get the milk & eggs out for him. I have a Heat Pancake form that he used. I had 2 before we moved I think. Ki made some hearts for us, them a pancreas and liver, some kidneys and a stomach and hearts with tumors. I got my Anatomy Book out for him. My husband sees our breakfast "Lesson" and shakes his head as he walks out the door.
we had pics like this at the breakfast table:

Connor made a ninja pancake with my Ninja Cookie Cutter.

Then the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! It is PAID JOB WEEK. (our alternative to 'allowance')
With the big Gaming Convention next weekend, I thought it'd be a good week for Paid Chores. I made a list of work for the boys to chose from to earn some money to take to the gaming convention. A few of the jobs are:
Scrape the moss of the front porch
Clean the outside of the cupboard (Murphy's Oil Soap and a green scrubby cloth)
Clear the weeds and stuff to make way for Strawberries
Clean the Shoe Closet
... and more...

They got to work while I colored my hair. Today it get's colored, tomorrow cut and Wednesday it gets the tips bleached and dyed- for I, too, must get ready for the big gaming convention in L.A.

The BESTEST Part of our Valentine's day...

FORENSIC CLASS: The Big Gang War Autopsies!
What better way to end our Forensic Group Classes than with a big autopsy??
(I got the idea HERE and HERE -)
It's a long description/post but STICK with me! It was such a fun CSI day!!)

I bought a BIG jar of BIG dill pickles:

I put 4 into a smaller jar and added Baking Soda Water (to neutralize the acid)

I put 4 others into a different jar and added pH Down (It lowers pH - increases acidity)

I let them soak for a day. in the meantime I made RED CABBAGE INDICATOR (so test the pH of the victims pickles)

Our friendly meat department grocer let me have 10 foam meat trays to use at mini-autopsy tables!

I gathered my weapons supplies for killing marking the victims pickles and got to work!

I started with the Extra Acid Pickles.
I named their gang; Club Claussen.
I named the individual gang members:
Maisy- has a belly ring
Luke-Has a stubby, short left arm
Dilbert-had a red mohawk
Darwin Dill- no description

Then I decided how they'd be killed:

Maisy- GSW to the chest and stab wound in lower right body
Luke-Stabbed 4 times
Dilbert-garroted, a broken left leg, and abrasions to the right side
Darwin Dill- 2 GSW to the head and laceration on the left shoulder.

Then I went to work. I used jewelry wire to garrote Dilbert, a cheese grater to make the abrasions, G.I. Joe knife for the stabbings, and tiny foil balls for the bullets.(I will leave a few GI Joe guns at the scene)

I tested their blood juice with the DNA extractor Cabbage Indicator to make sure it got nice and pink/red. it did.

I added colored toothpicks for limbs, tiny glass beads for eyes, then set them in a shallow dish with their juice poured over them and placed them back in the fridge.

I did the same with the base gang. I named them the Gherkin Gang. Pinky was stabbed with a SWORD! Thom Thumb was garrotes and has 2 broken arms (and a green spiked hair clump). Then there is PK and Gus. PK had 2 different colored eyes and we know Gus is a member of the Base Gang.

We don't know which the gang the others belong to, so the coroners will have to test their pH. (checking their blood type, pickles gangs group by blood type)

I set the stage and cordoned off the scene with CRIME SCENE TAPE!

When my CSI Team arrived, they donned gloved, grabbed Autopsy Trays, and recovered the victims.
Too Much Butter can be bad for one's health!

Yep, that is "Pinky"- she was shot and stabbed onto the caramel container- it could be worse I guess.

Poor thing- upside down w/ her head in a puddle of blood juice

This is Maisey-- see her Belly Ring!!

I told them the facts that we knew and gave the descriptions of the victims. The victims weren't carrying IDs so they have to look for the distinguishing marks and made IDs. Gus's only ID was he was 1 of 2 non-described-victims, but we KNOW he is a Base- so his ID came from the Blood Test (pH test)

The team measured, weighed, determined gender, draw diagrams marking wound marks, dug out bullets when needed, and found cause of death.

After making observations and recording their findings, they cut open the bodies pickles to check out the insides. They made some discoveries and drew some diagrams.

THEN, they tested the ph by taking skin samples and putting them into a test tube of purple-colored pH indicator. If the indicator turned redder they victim was Acidic and part of Club Claussen. If the indicator became bluer, their victim was part of the Gherkin Gang.
They filled out Toe Tags and completed their reports. I had them tell me their findings, then I read to them the complete description of the wounds I inflicted. A few of them missed a thing or 2, but oddly, a few pickles had extra wounds.

It was hypothesized hat the regular Dills in the Main jar must have escaped when left alone in the fridge and went to Bottom Shelf and inflicted some more wounds on the victims.

After we cleaned the autopsy room kitchen table, we went over their conclusions for the FATAL ERROR Murder Mystery and then we taught ZENDO to the R brothers.

I am tired and have a sore throat. It was a GREAT CSI DAY!!!

(the bestest part was my date with my husband.. but pickle autopsies comes in a very close 2nd)

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