Tuesday, February 1, 2011


My 3 young men are in the kitchen helping with dinner. I made guacamole. Gavin diced and sliced and made a HUGE bowl of salsa! Connor is cooking the meat. Ki cut lettuce and put the cheeses into bowls. I sliced onions and peppers to sauté and Ki said he'd sauté them for me! (he likes to sauté things).

A few minutes before this I had 2 wild hyenas. After they finished cooking, they went back to being hyenas and got their father involved in the cacophony.

I think I might move. I wonder if Starbucks has a vacancy.....

Something bad happened. Please do not let the news devastate you too badly. Brace yourself.

Are you sitting yet?

Okay. Here it is.....

I lost the memory card for my camera. And I can not find the spare memory card for my camera.

I thought about crying. But crying is an awful lot of hard work and I am too lazy for that.

ON A HAPPIER NOTE..... We are all going to LA for the weekend! Feb 18-21. There is a gaming convention ( Orccon ) and I met the man in charge of marketing at the last event. He helped me figure out what we all could do as volunteer work to get free badges for the con. He didn't have anything for Ki to do, but said he could give Ki a free badge, too.

I decided to do pilates 5 days this week. Starting yesterday. (because I always have to start things on Mondays). I have decided that today is on of my non-pilates days already. So I have really wedged myself in for doing plates the rest of the week.

In School News......... we are having a down week. just finishing up some Forensics. Next week, we (they) will start back with daily math and doing the Chemistry Unit.

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