Friday, February 11, 2011


  1. I love that show. BONES. I haven't seen it for awhile. No cable, No TV now, need too get recaught back upon where I ended last..... then wait for it to come out on Netflix.
  2. We are back to doing some Anthropology in Forensic Class.
  3. First was a Cut Out page of mixed bones. Grandma & Grandpa had their graved vandalized. They needed to cut out the boned and re-assemble them. My boys were concerned about G&G, who had no backbones or feet. We decided maybe, being small bones, they were still in the coffins.
  4. Ki had trouble figuring out how to get the scapula to fit, so Gavin said 'Just use Doritos'. Then they all 3 laughed. I was in dark, once again. So Gavin told me to Google Dorito grandpa SuperBowl Commercials. I did:

Gavin got most of the skeletons reassembled, but C&K gave up. It was tedious "busy work" so I was fine with it. Connor said he had Math to finish (as his excuse for not having to finish the cut & paste busywork) and Ki said he had to catch upon his Bible Reading (as his excuse). It was 'busy work'- cutting little pictures from a workbook to glue in the correct order. mind numbing stuff. I rarely do 'busywork' with the boys, so they aren't good at it. And would rather do math.

SO I will go clean the kitchen in preparation for tomorrow's Game Night. I have to make a lot of Pizza Crust and forgot to buy a new pizza stone. Not sure how I will cook these crusts.

It is 2:30. I have once again forgot lunch. It is in the microwave, but probably no longer warm. I put soup in around 12:30. Then I got sidetracked and forgot about lunch. Then my head began to hurt and felt hungry. So, I have to go eat lunch now

(yes, I often write blogs by way of ; "A few minutes Here and a few minutes there")

So, the other day I told Connor he owed me a quarter for leaving something out on the floor. He said "no big deal, I know where there is a quarter."
He walked to the hall where he had seen a quarter on the floor. Only it was not there.
Ki says to him; "Oh, I found that quarter earlier today and put it in mom's Starbucks Bucket."

So I got TWO quarters yesterday! [thanks, Ki]
I know. A boring Blog entry today. Sorry about that. Sometimes being a stay at home mom to 3 boys can be like that. Esp now that they are older. BUT if you have not read our TEETH Forensics Blog yet, it is more exciting than this entry, so CLICK to go read it.

I bought some cheap round cooking trays for pizza crust. When I got home I could NOT find my yeast. So I am telling the boys how I need yeast. I need it flatulence to add gas to the dough. My pizza dough needs tiny farting fungi so it will taste good..... Gavin shakes his head and groans something about my weirdness. (I did find a small package in the downstairs pantry- so we're good)

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