Friday, February 4, 2011


Today I asked K to make dinner for me. I then sent G to the store to get a few things for dinner. I had no cash, so I told G to use his own money & dad would pay him back. I think that means I am no longer in the running for Mom of the Year.

Today I jumped out of bed at 8AM and drove to the store to get berries and whipped cream to go with the crepes Ki made for breakfast. Thing is, I needed a shower, had mismatched clothes, and was still asleep, so I took Connor with me. It took the kid almost 20 minutes to find strawberries and whipped cream! I should have taken a fast shower and gone myself!

Today, I was wishing Starbucks delivered. Instead I rode my bike there, bought a Venti Toffee Nut w/ extra espresso, and carried it home. on my bike. I learned that I am not good at braking with 1 hand. I only lost 1 sip though.

Today I planned some school for next week. It will not be unschool this month. I will be having G use a Writing Essentials CD Rom to brush up on his grammar. C&K will be using a Writing Master CD Rom. I am having them start with chapter 5: Creative Writing. It sounded the most fun interesting. In Other areas of School: MATH. G&C will be doing G's Math Goal for next week: so some math everyday and have mastered 8 new topics by Friday. C's assigned math is 45 minutes a day on Aleks. Ki will be doing Life of Fred with me daily.

Today I did some of the Writing CD Roms myself so I could accurately tell the boys what to do and where to click. I use to think I was good decent at grammar. Alas, I do not understand what a FUTURE PERFECT PROGRESSIVE verb is. (but I know gerund phrases and predicate nominatives!)

Today I found the memory card for my camera on my bookshelf. But I did not take any pictures.

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