Thursday, February 3, 2011

aMAZEing Day

OH My,but it is chilly. All that Eastern Snow Storm activity must have finally made it out this way. It is a mere 65 degrees today.

Where are my fuzzy bunny slippers??
(ha, just kidding, I do not like/wear/own fuzzy slippers.)

The boys did a few things on the computer this morning. Gavin's main assignment was correcting a written paragraph. It took quite a few tries and retries.

Then I sent them a youtube to watch:

and a link about Chinese New Year:

** I made homemade Chai**

Then we printed some BRAIN MAZES that our friend in Florida draws:

*CLICK the MAZE to go to his website - then you can click the word "MAZE" -or his other areas*

Ki enjoyed it so much he printed out more mazes. Connor decided to try his hand at making mazes on the computer. Gavin asked David about his process for maze making,then researched handheld rail guns... or something like that.

Ki used a Turkey Baster to suck the ickies from the bottom of the aquarium. Until the tadpoles get big enough to easily scoop out, he cleans th tank with a turkey baster. Brian made sure I wrote FROGS! on the turkey baster, so I don't get confused and use it to, say, baste a turkey. I have never basted a turkey or used a turkey baster for cooking- ever. I can see how it is still a mix-up to avoid.

I also sent THIS video to the boys, that explains how much $100 million is (that Obama said he'd cut spending for our budget).
Gavin then looked up about a jet fighter and how much just 1 costs and how many have been produced.
Gavin could spend his entire day reading at wikipedia.

Ki researched DAGORHIR.

Connor researched Plastic. Yes, plastic.

Then we all went outback to squeezed oranges:

And throw them at the wall:

and take macro pictures of insects:

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