Monday, February 21, 2011


Strategicon (orrcon) came & went. I think I am my happiest at Gaming Conventions. Some folks are their happiest at Disney's Magical Kingdom. Some folks come to life at Gamers's Magical Kingdom.

(not me pictured above)

I was talking to a mom there and it came up that I homeschool. Whenever we are on vacation, doing something fun. etc., and people learn that we homeschool I get the same response; "Oh, so this is a fieldtrip!".. Somehow homeschooling means every fun thing we do I need to make into a 'school session' or need to document it legally that it was a school field trip. So I told her what I always tell people when they ask that question; "No. we are just having a fun family weekend."

but YES, it was a learning experience. Everything is. Gaming is GREAT for their little minds, their imagination, their problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and their color-matching skills

....AND it gives them a little social experience in a comfortable setting.
But I would never call it/list it as a field trip. It was my whole family having fun at a gaming convention.

My friend Eric (Marketing Staff for the con) helped my entire family find volunteer positions so we got free badges for the whole convention! I feel I didn't do enough demos, but I did a few extra impromptu events to make up for it.

(Pirate Fluxx-scheduled event)

(Martian Backgammon)

(teaching Volcano to game designer Bruno Faidutti)

(Binary Homeworlds)

My husband was a Convention Photographer.

He took pictures the whole con! Eric came and asked me if he was ever going to take a break & play some games- enjoy the convention! Taking lots of pictures IS having fun for Brian (me, too). Brian played more games on Sunday.

I took some pictures, too.

Connor took some Videos (a part of the deal for his badge). And played a lot of Magic the Gathering.. and Ca$h n' Gun$- the LARP version.


Ki worked the Registration Desk for 6 hours on Saturday. He played a lot of GURP, Werewolf, & Ca$h n' Gun$ Larp, too.

Gavin was in heaven once the Battletech People arrived! His free badge was paid for by manning the Paint & Take Table for 7 hours. He enjoyed it, too. He got to paint figures and get a few pointers on painting technique.

mote pictures of the fun:
I missed the TWISTER YOGA Competition!

Some "normal games" were played, Hearst & Spades & Poker were big events there, too.

I think he had enough.......

... and I never turn down an invitation to play a game! (and I lose a lot- which might be why I get asked to play games a lot... )
below---> SmallWorld


Something from the Miniatures Room--->


No Game Convention is complete without an AUCTION!

Or a Seminar~

Or a game of SETTLERS

Or someone knitting....
Or Magic Cards.....

Or Fascinating People!

My Friend Devi-->
And my friend Arthur-->>

(I am pretending to look fascinating there... go with it)

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