Thursday, March 13, 2008


DH called. the convo' went like this:

DH: "someone said something to the guys in charge and things are moving FAST!"

ME: Good!

DH:How's April 30th.

ME: we'll that's not a LOT of time but I thik we can be packed upand out of here by then.

DH: Not what I meant. I meant April 30th to BE THERE! and since we are taking 2-3 weeks to travel there, that'd give us 3 weeks to be out of the house! I'm pretty sure I can talk them into May 30th.

But it's all just "what's ging round the office"- nothing official and it bet we'll be here till the end of May.


The boys did a Cleaning Challenge with me today. 25 minutes on their rooms. I told them they would do a 2nd 25 minute challenge tomorrow and anything still out I take care of...with a trash bag.

They asked if they could clean more than 25 minutes and more than 2 times...LOL. I told them they could clean as much as they wanted. but at 5PM tomorrow I go in with my bags.


They are still doing very well with their online math program! I like that I send them messages. I challenged them to a contest. the 1st to fill another pie sice gets a prize. They'll get that message when they get on torrow.

They are not doing so hot with thier green work and have invited friends over for dinner. I told them if they don't get their green work done they will be calling their friends and univiting them.
We'll see how that goes.


Saturday, March 8, 2008

GOV clearing up the CALI thing

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today issued the following statement regarding the recent Second District Court of Appeals ruling on home schooling:

"Every California child deserves a quality education and parents should have the right to decide what's best for their children. Parents should not be penalized for acting in the best interests of their children's education. This outrageous ruling must be overturned by the courts and if the courts don't protect parents' rights then, as elected officials, we will."

I didn't think that one judge's ruling can instanly change state law. (but I am so bad with understanding politics)
BUT we still need to be vigilinat and pray for continued freedoms. I'm glad the Govenor cleared this up and hope he's true to his word and keeps homeschooling legal in Cali!

~7th year homeschooling 3 boys~


Your lips are moving, but I don't hear any TALKING!!
I am sure we have heard similar statements- usually a cut on someone who is taking but what they are saying is dumb so we are not listening. Now that we talked about that little statement, I thought I'd share todays "Funny from Connor" story.

Connor was taking an online math assessment. Connor, being a true to form Aspie, complains. He loves to complain. It makes him happy and to him complaining is almost a good thing. He just complains about everything but in a light way. We just kinda ignore the complaining part and listen to what he is really trying to express (Aspie's aren't always good with expressing emotions and often resort to one emotion they can understand to convey all other emotions).

ANYWHOOHA-- He's taking this assessment and he says he doesn't want to, why does he have to yadda-yadda. I ignore him. He takes it just fine and is doing very well- all the while complaining. (The kid complains about happy things like playing with friends and going to parties even when he has a GREAT time)

He gets to a question that he doesn't INSTANTLY know the answer to and Lord Forbid he actually have to THINK about it! So he keeps asking me to Ayuda. Nessicita Ayuda. AyudaMi... all his poor Spanish grammar for help, I need help, help me..... I told him I can't. He says "you CAN you just no quiere "(don't want to). I told him, that he's right yes i COULD, but for a proper fair assessment he needs to what HE can do so the program will know how to advance him.

He keeps telling me I need to help (he could have figured out the answer 4 times over in the time he wasted trying to get me to do it for him).

So- this is where is gets kinda funny... to me anyway.. I am sitting beside him, so he reaches over with his fingers and starts moving my lips and I sit there and do nothing of course, so he's moving my lips for me and telling me i will help him and tell him what to do. I just sit still while he's moving mouth and lips and says "I see your lips moving, but NO HABLARING!!!" hablar means to 'to speak or talk" so he just sticks the English ING on it to mean speakING.. I wonder is you can use hablar to be talking or if it needs a different conjugation. My Spanish is almost as bad as his is ..... checked. I think it would be hablarando

So I am laughing while he's moving my lips which upsets him a bit. "Whats funny? it's not funny! " so I try to stop and just suppress a huge smile.."NO SONRISA! no laughing. it's not funny. "

I get up and 3 seconds later he solves the problem...
I think sometimes he just needs these goofy little breaks.



CONNOR'S (13 yrs old) Diary Entry

Mar 6
Umm... aha yes, I woke up. At 6:00. I played a game called Papa Louie and I'm earning money. No,not in Papa Louie, in the real world. OK, yes AND in Papa Louie, too, but that's cake. I'm selling some of my mechs. Hopefully I can make money. I've traded for a mech last night.
Pretty soon we'll probably move to California.
(his spelling here)
NO TAT STiNKS! I lik Ohio. it rooks!

when he can't think of more to write this is what I get from him:
sleep must cat
cat must sleep
explode must dog
dog must explode
cat cool
dog dumb
Loco ocoL (but the letters are backwards, too)


MATH update

My boys still like using ALEKS and are doing great! Gavin will be done with High School Foundational Math in 4 weeks (their estimate at his current rate)I started Ki a grade low- because he is slow and needs to take the slow route in math. they say he will be ready for the next grade in 3.5 weeks.And So will Connor. (again, predicted according to how they have done so far)They are excited to see that and still are working to fill their pie slices (I thought that'd wear off after the first week)And Brian is thinking about actually ordering the program for all 3 of them! It's rare he suggests spending money on math.


Connor is 13

I corrected the spelling:
Feb 20, 2008
Today I was looking for pencils. My mom said she'd give me 5 cents for each pen or pencil I found. I got about 34 as I got $1.70. Gavin got $1.20. Ki got $2.00 only because he found a dime and a quarter on the ground.
Well at 3:50 I went sledding and there was a kid there who was cussing. So me and my friend tried run into him on our sleds. It was fun!!

Feb 27, 2008
Today I made waffles. It got a little messy but it was good.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

timing is everything

I decide to time Ki on his school work. he wasn;t finished until 3:55. He actually only spent 3 hours on schoolwork. I will try to onvince him to get his 3 hours done by lunch so he will not have anything to do the rest of the day.

here's today's breakdown:
8:00 wake up. Actually woke at 7:42 to the alarm, fell back asleep (after telling myself not to), then woke up at 8 when the dryer buzzed. Gavin gets up at 7 and starts his morning work sometimes….)

8-9:00- get dressed in sweats, use the bathroom, brush my teeth, get the blanket out of the dryer, read emails, read Cafemom Messages, write a post, and find my camera because the boys have decided to sell some toys on Ebay.

9:00- no one made waffles so the task falls to me. I tell Connor is he wipes down the counter I’ll make waffles. He was happy to oblige. Gavin worked on Aleks around that time (his math program).
I made waffles, and did some cafemom group upkeep.

10:00- Read Story of the World, Print Ki’s list for today, Do Brain Gym. Got kids moving. Gavin showered, Connor read, Ki and I did ALEKS math program.

10:50- I did laundry in between helping Ki.

11:00- feed birds, finish with Ki and get Gavin story pulled up so he can work on revisions when he’s done with cleaning windows. Had Ki do Occupational Therapy.

11:25- work on group reminders

11:35- got Ki moving to the next thing and helped Gavin with a few things. Dishwasher and laundry work.
12:00- heated lasagna for lunch

12:15- Ki finished hid red work before lunch!!!!!

12:30 – I shower, the boys eat lunch, the whole get dressed thing- and read my email. Restart the dryer and have the kids clean and give me 20 push ups for not taking care of their dishes.

(ki just had to give me 10)
1:45- Do 5 Brain Quests with Ki. (20 minutes)- let him take a little break for water and brain gym

2:20- Had him start his next school activity- Explode the Code. (10 minutes)

2:35- Had Ki start his next school activity.- Peoples of the World (30 minutes)

3:05- 15 minute cleaning challenge.

3:25 Did 30 minutes of Dr Funster with Ki today.

So Ki’s red work is 1 hour 23 minutes. He spent 1 hour 30 on green work.
So it was close to 3 hours today.
4-5 Cleaned in my bedroom. I’m working on the closet. Brian came home and we looked at bedding in the internet. My comforter is getting old. Holes and stains and stuff.

Tonight is WildWest Wednesday (get your own dinner)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


apperently this is my 102nd post. I missed #100. oh well.

I'm tired. here is how my day went-
here is how it went today:
8:30- wake, tell kids to get their own breakfast and do their morning chores quickly.gather a few things
8:50- shower, get dressed, gather knitting stuff anf some school boks9:45- leave for the cafecafe-all 4 of us get breakfast, help Ki get started on knitting, say hi to knitting ladies, have the boys all sit and knit, check email and eat bagel while stopping tohelp Ki or Connor.
11:30- Read Story of the World while the boys knit .
11:45- have the boys start on a Dr Funster page and help Ki with Dr Funster.
12: 15- clean up our stuff and go home
12:30-1:20- get lunch, have kids get lunch, gather games for game day and brush and curl my hair (it was a disaster from the wind and not having done anything to it after my shower)1:30 arrive the Game Store. say Hi to all the guys that work there, set up the games, talk to Ron about how I have a schedule conflict and Gavin wil b e running the games if I'm not back in time from dropping Connor off at the orthodontist, tell Ron we got the California job
1:45- drive Connor to ortho and make sure it was OK to leave him. They were more than fine and a lot of kids get dropped off ike that. I keep forgetting Connor is 13 and not 5 anymore.2:04- back at the game store, Gavin and Ki are doing needlework (the 'guys' are gonna give me a hard time about that soon, I bet), I gather back the game room, one dad and kid show and we play some games.
I leave at 2:45 to get Connor
2:55- the ortho nurse says Connor needs oral surgery and they want it soon, snd he'll need frequent visits to keep an eye on it (horizontal adult tooth in the gums- they want to put an anchor on it and gently tug it up alittle at a time). told her we will probably be movinng in May- and she had to go talk to the orthodonitst...... )

don't get back to Game Shop till 3:15.Start a new game with the kids and the dad. that runs till 4, say bye to Ron, head out. Stop at the store.send boys in with a $20 and tqo things each to get.

Get home by 5:00 check on Brian- home early with a headache. (I have migranes and headaches almost every day of my life...)

5:15- start on dinner. tacos

6ish- clear table

or a simple breakdown.
HOME-- DRIVE --location 1 ---DRIVE--home--DRIVE--loc2--DRIVE--Loc3--drive--loc2again--DRIVE--loc3again--DRIVE--loc2AGAIN--drive--loc4--DRIVE--home!

**Kimberly**~7th year homeschooling 3 boys~

Saturday, March 1, 2008

GREEN/RED charts





Explode the Code pages 25-32 and correct last weeks work
10 Brain Quests
2 sessions of Peoples of the World (30-45 minutes)
Choose 1 or 2 activities from Peoples of the World for next week. Write it on paper and turn in.
5 Dr Funsters (name, date, turn in)
Read about civil rights and take a poll (asking people what the most important right is to them)



Type your story, make corrections and add details.
14 brain Quests (w/ Gavin)
8 Dr Funsters (name, date, turn in)
Study for DNA quiz using book and links (quiz is Wed)
Chose and art project for next week



Correct and finish story. Do drawings if you have time
14 brain Quests (w/ Connor)
8 Dr Funsters (name, date, turn in)
Study for DNA quiz using book and links (quiz is Wed)
Chose and art or music project for next week
ALEKS 3 hours 45 minutes.


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