Thursday, March 13, 2008


DH called. the convo' went like this:

DH: "someone said something to the guys in charge and things are moving FAST!"

ME: Good!

DH:How's April 30th.

ME: we'll that's not a LOT of time but I thik we can be packed upand out of here by then.

DH: Not what I meant. I meant April 30th to BE THERE! and since we are taking 2-3 weeks to travel there, that'd give us 3 weeks to be out of the house! I'm pretty sure I can talk them into May 30th.

But it's all just "what's ging round the office"- nothing official and it bet we'll be here till the end of May.


The boys did a Cleaning Challenge with me today. 25 minutes on their rooms. I told them they would do a 2nd 25 minute challenge tomorrow and anything still out I take care of...with a trash bag.

They asked if they could clean more than 25 minutes and more than 2 times...LOL. I told them they could clean as much as they wanted. but at 5PM tomorrow I go in with my bags.


They are still doing very well with their online math program! I like that I send them messages. I challenged them to a contest. the 1st to fill another pie sice gets a prize. They'll get that message when they get on torrow.

They are not doing so hot with thier green work and have invited friends over for dinner. I told them if they don't get their green work done they will be calling their friends and univiting them.
We'll see how that goes.

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