Tuesday, March 4, 2008


apperently this is my 102nd post. I missed #100. oh well.

I'm tired. here is how my day went-
here is how it went today:
8:30- wake, tell kids to get their own breakfast and do their morning chores quickly.gather a few things
8:50- shower, get dressed, gather knitting stuff anf some school boks9:45- leave for the cafecafe-all 4 of us get breakfast, help Ki get started on knitting, say hi to knitting ladies, have the boys all sit and knit, check email and eat bagel while stopping tohelp Ki or Connor.
11:30- Read Story of the World while the boys knit .
11:45- have the boys start on a Dr Funster page and help Ki with Dr Funster.
12: 15- clean up our stuff and go home
12:30-1:20- get lunch, have kids get lunch, gather games for game day and brush and curl my hair (it was a disaster from the wind and not having done anything to it after my shower)1:30 arrive the Game Store. say Hi to all the guys that work there, set up the games, talk to Ron about how I have a schedule conflict and Gavin wil b e running the games if I'm not back in time from dropping Connor off at the orthodontist, tell Ron we got the California job
1:45- drive Connor to ortho and make sure it was OK to leave him. They were more than fine and a lot of kids get dropped off ike that. I keep forgetting Connor is 13 and not 5 anymore.2:04- back at the game store, Gavin and Ki are doing needlework (the 'guys' are gonna give me a hard time about that soon, I bet), I gather back the game room, one dad and kid show and we play some games.
I leave at 2:45 to get Connor
2:55- the ortho nurse says Connor needs oral surgery and they want it soon, snd he'll need frequent visits to keep an eye on it (horizontal adult tooth in the gums- they want to put an anchor on it and gently tug it up alittle at a time). told her we will probably be movinng in May- and she had to go talk to the orthodonitst...... )

don't get back to Game Shop till 3:15.Start a new game with the kids and the dad. that runs till 4, say bye to Ron, head out. Stop at the store.send boys in with a $20 and tqo things each to get.

Get home by 5:00 check on Brian- home early with a headache. (I have migranes and headaches almost every day of my life...)

5:15- start on dinner. tacos

6ish- clear table

or a simple breakdown.
HOME-- DRIVE --location 1 ---DRIVE--home--DRIVE--loc2--DRIVE--Loc3--drive--loc2again--DRIVE--loc3again--DRIVE--loc2AGAIN--drive--loc4--DRIVE--home!

**Kimberly**~7th year homeschooling 3 boys~
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