Saturday, March 8, 2008


Your lips are moving, but I don't hear any TALKING!!
I am sure we have heard similar statements- usually a cut on someone who is taking but what they are saying is dumb so we are not listening. Now that we talked about that little statement, I thought I'd share todays "Funny from Connor" story.

Connor was taking an online math assessment. Connor, being a true to form Aspie, complains. He loves to complain. It makes him happy and to him complaining is almost a good thing. He just complains about everything but in a light way. We just kinda ignore the complaining part and listen to what he is really trying to express (Aspie's aren't always good with expressing emotions and often resort to one emotion they can understand to convey all other emotions).

ANYWHOOHA-- He's taking this assessment and he says he doesn't want to, why does he have to yadda-yadda. I ignore him. He takes it just fine and is doing very well- all the while complaining. (The kid complains about happy things like playing with friends and going to parties even when he has a GREAT time)

He gets to a question that he doesn't INSTANTLY know the answer to and Lord Forbid he actually have to THINK about it! So he keeps asking me to Ayuda. Nessicita Ayuda. AyudaMi... all his poor Spanish grammar for help, I need help, help me..... I told him I can't. He says "you CAN you just no quiere "(don't want to). I told him, that he's right yes i COULD, but for a proper fair assessment he needs to what HE can do so the program will know how to advance him.

He keeps telling me I need to help (he could have figured out the answer 4 times over in the time he wasted trying to get me to do it for him).

So- this is where is gets kinda funny... to me anyway.. I am sitting beside him, so he reaches over with his fingers and starts moving my lips and I sit there and do nothing of course, so he's moving my lips for me and telling me i will help him and tell him what to do. I just sit still while he's moving mouth and lips and says "I see your lips moving, but NO HABLARING!!!" hablar means to 'to speak or talk" so he just sticks the English ING on it to mean speakING.. I wonder is you can use hablar to be talking or if it needs a different conjugation. My Spanish is almost as bad as his is ..... checked. I think it would be hablarando

So I am laughing while he's moving my lips which upsets him a bit. "Whats funny? it's not funny! " so I try to stop and just suppress a huge smile.."NO SONRISA! no laughing. it's not funny. "

I get up and 3 seconds later he solves the problem...
I think sometimes he just needs these goofy little breaks.

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