Wednesday, March 5, 2008

timing is everything

I decide to time Ki on his school work. he wasn;t finished until 3:55. He actually only spent 3 hours on schoolwork. I will try to onvince him to get his 3 hours done by lunch so he will not have anything to do the rest of the day.

here's today's breakdown:
8:00 wake up. Actually woke at 7:42 to the alarm, fell back asleep (after telling myself not to), then woke up at 8 when the dryer buzzed. Gavin gets up at 7 and starts his morning work sometimes….)

8-9:00- get dressed in sweats, use the bathroom, brush my teeth, get the blanket out of the dryer, read emails, read Cafemom Messages, write a post, and find my camera because the boys have decided to sell some toys on Ebay.

9:00- no one made waffles so the task falls to me. I tell Connor is he wipes down the counter I’ll make waffles. He was happy to oblige. Gavin worked on Aleks around that time (his math program).
I made waffles, and did some cafemom group upkeep.

10:00- Read Story of the World, Print Ki’s list for today, Do Brain Gym. Got kids moving. Gavin showered, Connor read, Ki and I did ALEKS math program.

10:50- I did laundry in between helping Ki.

11:00- feed birds, finish with Ki and get Gavin story pulled up so he can work on revisions when he’s done with cleaning windows. Had Ki do Occupational Therapy.

11:25- work on group reminders

11:35- got Ki moving to the next thing and helped Gavin with a few things. Dishwasher and laundry work.
12:00- heated lasagna for lunch

12:15- Ki finished hid red work before lunch!!!!!

12:30 – I shower, the boys eat lunch, the whole get dressed thing- and read my email. Restart the dryer and have the kids clean and give me 20 push ups for not taking care of their dishes.

(ki just had to give me 10)
1:45- Do 5 Brain Quests with Ki. (20 minutes)- let him take a little break for water and brain gym

2:20- Had him start his next school activity- Explode the Code. (10 minutes)

2:35- Had Ki start his next school activity.- Peoples of the World (30 minutes)

3:05- 15 minute cleaning challenge.

3:25 Did 30 minutes of Dr Funster with Ki today.

So Ki’s red work is 1 hour 23 minutes. He spent 1 hour 30 on green work.
So it was close to 3 hours today.
4-5 Cleaned in my bedroom. I’m working on the closet. Brian came home and we looked at bedding in the internet. My comforter is getting old. Holes and stains and stuff.

Tonight is WildWest Wednesday (get your own dinner)
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