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This is my Meet & Greet. I actually made a new page for this entry, as I finally decided to add pages to my blog. But now I have a Bio Page, so won;t have to write this again.

I feel so nervous. I have no idea what to say. It's like being on stage and being told to just improvise and I can't see anyone else's face (because of the bright lights)
So, I'll close my eyes. -
"Mmy name is Ki berly. I have only been iart of tge bkif c9nnybtr..."

Forget the "Closed Eyes" thing. I can not type well enough to pull that off.

Me = Kimberly. Wife. Mom. Possesser of 2 "X" chromosomes. Lives on the Central Coast of California.
Wife= for 19 years.
Mom= for 17. Offspring include: Gavin (17), Connor (16), and Ki (14)

Gavin. He has always wanted to go into engineering stuff. like designing robots. He now wants to work for the government at a computer hacker. He loves eating, but not cheese. He's 6'1" (now, not in the picture from 7 years ago)

Connor is getting ready to get his driving temps. He likes to  be goofy and wiggly and is always says something that makes me laugh inside. He loves cats. LOVES.CATS.

Ki likes to cook (and is pretty good) and likes to learn about history. Esp Church History. He wants to be a pastor or on a traveling Ministry Drama team when he grows up--- or a chef.

I know. They are old pictures. I just cleared most the pictures off my laptop.
G was about 10. C was 1. K was 10.

Let's see what else would you like to maybe learn about me in this Meet & Greet...
I love playing games and going to gaming conventions! I am a Game Demo Tech for LOONEY LAB GAMES and I am a Starship Captain, too!!
I taught myself to knit recently. I like knitting, but hate fuzziness or wool. Finding acceptable yarn poses a challenge. a few pictures are on my Lounge Page.

I have been homeschooling my boys about 10 years. I kinda, quasi-unschool, almost. Apparently we look in vague. Vague is Vogue. I should go Strike a Pose now.

My pastor looks like a PachyCephalosaurous. But don't tell him I said that. It's my favorite dinosaur, so it really is a compliment.
I like cats because they ignore people for the most part. Except the boys' cat, which seems to have some dain bramage. But he has very pretty eyes, so he can get away with the lack of personality.
Dogs lick. and bark. and drool. and poop in the yard.
The boys' cat poops in the yard, too, though.And he digs up my plants.

I like to read, but not romance or chick-lit, or historical, or self-help, improve your "_____" books. Sometimes historical books are OK. I prefer Sci-Fi and mysteries.

I sew. My current sewing obsession is reusable, cloth grocery bags.

My favorite subject in school was science. I love teaching science to my boys. In fact we are starting a Chemistry Unit today and I have a bunch of Science Experiments planned for this month.

As this is a MEET &GREET, please leave me a note telling me something about yourself! (because this was way too much "ME & I")
Your Pet, your hobby, what you want to be when you grow up? (I want to be a ninja when I grow up)
Then go visit the Meet & Greet (click the little picture below) to read more and add your OWN mini-bio.

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