Saturday, December 15, 2007

to quiz or not to quiz... or HOW to QUIZ...

love home educating my boys. I love writing lessons. I like making quizes or question/study guides. I decided to make some quizes to go with their online government lessons. I am dreading it. I could forego the bi-weekly quizes, but I have decided that this trimester of school I want to focus on government and also on some school skills- taking notes, outlines, quizes. I think it's important to have some skill in these things for college and even jobs require these skills.

I decided quizes will be in math, science and government. and I won't be giving Ki science quizes (unless he wants them- he likes to choose to do what his brothers do when it hasn't been assigned to him. Makeshim feel smart to be able to take a quiz like his big brothers. I have found it to be an effective teaching method- to NOT assign him things that his older brothers do- then he gets that 'I HAVE TO KEEP UP WITH MY BIG BROTHERS" mentality.

So- I have 6 weeks of creative writing lessons. 5 weeks of lessons, week 6 is applied- writing short story using story cards (random draw of characters and conflict and setting).
I have 6 weeks of Math (Froggy Fractions) for Ki. He loves workbooks, so I went through and wrote down the pages- which he will be fine with half pages, every new skill he can choose between doing the 2nd OR 3rd page in that skill (he doesn;t need 4 pages of review, but the first is needed and page 4 is story problems he loves those. There are 6 story problems on the story problem pages. He does 4 and makes up 2 for his dad to do.

At the end of the 6 weeks he will have his next certificate. He loves getting those. I make them (the ones included in the workbook just don't fit what we do) I use cute tree frog clip art.
The older two I don't have a ending goal planned, we'll just go through out Algebra 1 book day by day and see where it takes us.

I have at least 8 weeks planned for Ki's Peoples of the World book. depending how in depth he wants to go- he could take this 8 weeks plans and 12 or more weeks with it!
I am enjoying ALL of the planning and look forward to planning the rest....... EXCEPT those darn government quizes. I think it is just because I'm not sure how I want to do them yet.

write gov't quizes
plan DNA/Forensics- gather URLs, experiments and supplies, quizes, other activities.
Plan science Experiements for Fridays.
then gather some general school supplies.
I'm sure I'll think of more to plan in a bit.

Monday, December 10, 2007


it is that time of year. time to take a break from schooling. As 'year round' schoolers. we take about 3 weeks off around Christmas.
I love it. I get to make lots of charts and schedules for the next 'trimester' of school.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007



I was just handed a SUBPOENA!!!

"failure to show could result in my arrest"LOL..

I witnessed a car accident I think I was the ONLY one that hung around to give a statement. NOW I know why......

The court date is Jan 2. We have a Wedding to attend in Nebraska on Dec 31 (we are in Ohio and are driving) So we will have too leave the very next day- no visiting with relatives....

I am actually excited. I remember being upset that they ended up not needing me when I was called upon for jury duty.And I will bring my kids! Talk about a GREAT HOMESCHOOL experience!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

videos from Ki

Ki is making puppet hows for his frog research.

To School.... or NOT to School......

My youngest is the most unschooled. I should have seen it from the beginning. When he was 3 he counted to 3, when he was 4 he counted as high as 4. When he was 5 he counted all the way to FIVE! I asked him when he was going to count all the way the higher numbers. He told me:"When I'm six, I'll count to 6. When I'm ten, I'll count to 10. When I'm twenty, I'll count to whatever that number is."When we started homeschooling he was almost 5. He told me he wasn't going to learn or do any school until he was 6. 'SIX is the age to start school. I'm not 6 yet, so I won't do any school yet. I will when I;m 6"...and he did (and he decided to count all the way up as high as he could, not JUST to 6"When he was learning to ride his bike and had training wheels he could ride without them the summer he turned 6. You could tell because the training wheels never touched the round. He refused to take them off though. He told me "I'll take them off when I'm 7. 7 is the age to have training wheels off. I'm not old enough yet." The first nice day after he turned 7 (it was rainy, I remember because my husband hated waiting to take them off when he knew Ki could do it already), he told us it was time to take the training wheels off because he was 7 now. and he rode off down the street just fine.He has always made his own school schedule and decided what games to play to learn spelling words. I started spelling words with his bothers when they were 5th and 6th grade and he wanted to try as well, but he made up how he wanted to learn them. He makes up part of his own spelling list.I dont think there is anything wrong with teaching my kids what I want them to know along with them learning about what they want to know. I guess that keeps me from being a full unschooler, it also seems to keep from fitting into any other type of homeschool group, LOL. But I don't like to have a method/label dictate how I should do things. So I do the parts of it that I want and not the parts I don't boys are working on some independent research right now. they choose their subject and I have a few requirements. (they are making Power Point Presentations- I figured it went with their interest of robotic and computer engineering type stuff). Ki (11) decided to do a puppet show as part of his research project. He decorated the couch and did his first act last night.

I am not a total UNSCHOOLER. I am more of a....."Child Interest Guided relaxed Eclectic with some unschooling tendencies" I think as the parent it is my responsibility to make sure my kids learn certain things. But I donlt go by what texts or reports or curriculum tell me they need to learn 'this school year'. I use their interests and needs. Like they older 2 are interested in Computer/Robotics so I teach them thinks like math and PowerPoint and brian teaches them computer programming. Gavin and Ki had lots of dyslexia, so I use certain techniques with them. A special Spelling program. I am not interest in spelling tests or how well they do on spelling tests, but the program is great for teaching kids with dyslexia decoding and word roots and foundation. WE choose what they learn, but we make our choices based on their interests and needs and with their input of what they want to learn.--Kimberly the partial unschooler7th yr homeschooling 3 boys

Thursday, November 8, 2007

ASL spelling meltdown

We use sign language with our spelling list. We fingerspell the words and we learn the signs for some of the words. 1 or 2 xs a week we have ASL class with spelling words. We start by doing the alphabet together, twice. I use both hands, sometimes they do. I will have everyone's words on the dry erase board. And I call on the kids and tell them to spell a specific word. They are to use their hands AND their voice. So they are using more than one part of their brain simultaneously. It enhances learning when they can use multiple areas of the brain or multiple ways of thinking at the same time, esp when they use both sides of the brain at the same time.

Anytime you can something physical to something cerebral it enhances learning,
Today, we did the sign language alphabet twice,then they took turns fingerspelling words. After that I would finger spell one of their words and they'd have to figure out which word. and I don't do it nice and slow....

Then Ki did GRAB BAGS! a brown lunch bag for each word. the lunch bags are numbered and inside are plastic letters (or letter tiles or squares-of paper with 1 letter each). He dumps out the letters in the bag, unscrambles them to get one of his spelling words. He lists the numbers on a piece of paper with the word from that bag next to it.

he had a little melt down half way through. he was SURE a word was something different. it was the word 'fart' but he was SURE it was 'fatten' because the 'f-a-t' came out of the bag first, so he was trying to find the missing letters and wanted to go through other bags and through the pile of letters he has already done and had them all jumbled...... he got pretty upset when i had him put all the letters back, remove all the letters he has already done and LOOK AT the letters from that bag. He get saying it was SUPPOSED to be "flatten"! (yes, 'fart' is one the words he chose himself this week)

he finally got through them all. and I did joint compressions with him and had him do wall push ups.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

INDIA! Scary Day

The last India post, which was a couple weeks ago, left us leaving the forts being followed my a little lady babbling a string of words in English.
After our little experience at the Fort our driver took us to a nice restaurant. It was a 3 story building. When we walked in the man asked us what type of cuisine we wanted and directed us to the appropriate level in the building. The second floor was India Cuisine. The table was very low and so were the chairs. The food was delicious.
After that was probably one of the worst experiences of the whole trip. Shopping at Chalimar. It was so crowded. There were so many people that the cars could barely drive down the road. The people were all following us and begging us and pulling us to go to their stand. It was loud and confusing. The streets reeked of filth and urine. A little boy followed us, right on our heels, asking us to buy a necklace. They just badger and beg right up in your face over and over and over and over. The little boy was cute. Soon an older boy came up to him and started pushing him and yelling at him and then trying to sell HIS stuff to us. He was pushing the little boy away so we’d buy from HIM! One of the men at one of the booths said something very harsh to him and he possibly threatened him and he left the little boy alone, but hung around.
My bladder was about to explode. There are no buildings really, just booths along the streets. And little back allies. We actually came to a street with some government buildings. They were kind of open air buildings. There was a police station. I went in and asked the guys with big guns if they had a restroom I could use. They didn’t speak English, but understood. They pointed to an archway with a partial wooden door. I opened it and was now outside in a dark alley. It was like a hallway with no ceiling. It was damp and dirty and full of trash and there was a nasty drippy faucet- probably more “DRINKING WATER” . There was a drain in the ground that was just so gross. And the door to the toilet. It was just a hole in the ground. No toilet. Not even like a port-a-potty here with a ‘toilet’ that leads to a hole. It was just a filthy, stinky room with a hole in the ground and door. Good think I bring wipes and hand cleanser. NASTY. The holes in the ground in the country side of China were a lot nicer than this!

After I came out, the little boy with the necklaces was STILL there trying t get my husband to buy something. Neither of us does well with pressure. We need a quiet minute to think. We crossed the street to this tower thing. Looked like an old bell tower. We bought a ticket (about $3) and went in to have a look. And for quiet.

There was teeny, narrow twisted stairwell that led to the top. It was dark and the steps were VERY steep. The spiral was very tight. You could see a few steps ahead. And there is no way a chubby person could go up them. Brian went up and I stayed. I get pretty claustrophobic and after yesterday’s asthma stuff and the pressing crowd today, I was feeling claustrophobic out on the streets!

I called up to Brian that I would try to come up in a few minutes. I stood and 2 men came and went up. I looked up, took a deep breath, stepped back out, and took another deep breath.. OI repeated that about 10 times. Then I tried a few steps… and came back…. But then I just did it. I thought I was going to die. I could barely breathe and was so panicky. There was a teeny window every few twists and I would stick my head out and breath. The steps kept ascending higher and higher and there seemed to be no end. I kept getting to the break of a panic attack and would tell myself it was just around the next turn…… about 20 turns later I came out in the open.

I walked around and couldn’t find Brian. Some guard said he recognized me from the Hyderabad conference and was very talkative and was going to show me around. I felt scared and turned him down and walked away.

A young couple stopped me and asked to take their picture. I did. Then the man wanted to take a picture of me with his wife (or girlfriend). I was in a little well with a HUGE window- almost open doorway, which opened to the floor below….. WAY BELOW at the bottom of the tower. Next thing I know there were 8 other people crowded in and pushing and wanted my picture or to take theirs and I couldn’t breath and was afraid they’d push me over the edge to my bloody demise! (Brian got upset when I admitted to him, finally, how paranoid and depressed the meds made me)

I saw Brian across the open area and called him over. I pushed my way through the crowd of picture mongers and saw Brian and about burst into tears. Then we had to WALK DOWN that horrible stairwell!! And this time I was boxed in front and back with people. I was starting to hyperventilate and saying “I can’t! I can’t do it!!”. The couple in front of us were Americans and Brian told them I was claustrophobic and they stayed a few steps ahead and talked me down, telling me what was next, the turns and windows, etc…. and Brian stayed about 4 steps behind me to give me room.

At the bottom I just sat on the floor in the open area and rested. It was kind of quiet- thought loud just outside. It was nice and the floor was cool. After about 30 minutes we left.

The little boy was still there. Brian bought a necklace from him. As he got out money to pay, an old man JUMPED up and grabbed my husbands hand with the money and was trying to take it! This kind of freaked me out, esp after my last little adventure! Brian seemed OK. He’s very, very calm and even-keeled. A police man saw the scuffle and came over and yelled at the man and pushed him away. The old man broke my necklace Brian just bought (for $3..LOL).
The we met the girls and drove to the airport

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Monday, October 22, 2007

we are lunch break- So I have time to post what we did this morning:(my boys are 11, 12.5, 14). 3 links included.

Monday October 22, 2007
Breakfast at 8:30
School at 9.
Read to boys: Jesus Freaks
Brain Gym (Cris Crosses, water, Elephant 8s & Deep Breathing, water, Body scales, water, Hook-Ups)

Spelling. C&G copy from the board. I sit with Ki and write o ut one word at a time for him- to show how one word can be made into the next word (except for a couple that are not in the spelling pattern.

C&Gs words- they build on their words throughout the week I do not write the words with the dashes- but I write them on the board so the ink word lines up with the /ink’ in the other words (same w/ ‘ought’)




Ki’s words:

*words chosen by Ki himself. (sequential spelling link)

Ki choose to write in his story. Mid year, last year he developed a sudden interest in writing. He has ALWAYS loved telling stories, but had not written much till then. He decided to write. He’ll write then from time to time, he’ll ask me to ‘spellcheck his work’ We live in such a computer age…LOL. If he is playing and I ask him to go do something for me- he says “ok. I’ll pause my game” like his playing with action figures or telling stories (its his favorite past time) are computer games with a pause button.

10 O’clock- Ki is writing. Gavin is showering, Connor is reading. I took a walk.

Then Math, proceeded by Leg Extensions- a Brain gym activity good to do before math.
Ki did Math Dice with 2 fractions dice. 8 addition problems and 5 subtraction problems.
With Gavin and Connor I did an algebra lesson from our Cliff Notes Book . *Changing fractions to decimals- decimals to fractions and fractions to percent. They did well.

Math class was about an 40 minutes. We were done by 11:20- Lunch Time. i hope to be finished with school by 2:30 or 3

Monday, October 15, 2007


After visiting the TOMBS, we went to a fort. The fort was inside of a walled city. One would think a walled city would be set apart, self sufficient, different.... but it was not. It was even worse (poverty-wise) than the other area we were at. So dirty and stinky. Goats and chickens and cows and little naked kids everywhere.

The fort is the GOLKONDA FORT. It is pretty massive and was impenetrable, I guess. This time the others were wise enough to walk past and through the crowd of 'honkers' and beggars and 'tour guide wanna-bes'

One little old lady was walking outside the entrance wanting money. She knew we spoke English, but she didn't. She only had about 4 words she said over and over..."BABY-CHOCOLATE-GOODBYE--HELLO".. over and over and over- as she followed behind us. It's sad and as much as you want to help them, you just can't give money to ALL of them there are hundreds and hundreds of them!

One man yelled at us for not letting him is our tour guide. He said "HOW WILL YOU KNOW WHAT ANYTHING IS OR UNDERSTAND IT????"

Ummmm. read all SIGNS written in ENGLISH and read through the guidebook we brought and the pamphlet that was FREE when we got the ticket! (I think the Malaria meds are making me grumpy)

The Restroom inside the fort area wasn’t actually all that bad! It was fairly clean. A man was there and wouldn't let me go in the door that was open, he made me walk around to t a locked door and unlocked it for me- then wanted me to pay him.

WOW- the dragonfly population is just BURSTING HERE!! Hopefully they are eating all the mosquitoes and mosquito larva in all the slimy ponds and ditches!
The air is to THICK and HOT and MUGGY!

About 2/3 the way UP the many many steps to the top of the fort is a long sink attached to a old, dirty metal wall. There are two leaky dirty faucets sticking out of the wall. Above those faucets is a sign that reads:DRINKING WATER

Next to this area are 2 stinky wells, filled with slimy, stagnant, stinky, dirty water with floating trash and debris.

As thirsty as we are, we decide to wait till we go back down and buy cold, bottled, CLEAN water.

We finally arrive at the top. We are out of breath. Esp me, since my inhaler is EMPTY! There’s a breeze. Very weak and hot breeze. We take in the view. Then head back down the many many stairs.

About halfway down we see 2 boys swimming in yet another slimy, stinky, yucky pool of collected water. There are some old stone wall basins (huge, bigger than YMCA swimming pools); I guess used to collect water in the past. The water looked cool and inviting to the boys. They hopped in, in their underwear. In the nasty slime and filth! I bet they got ALL KINDS OF nasty germs in their uncircumcised parts.

As we left the fort area, the same lady followed us. She had added "GOOTCHY-GOO" to her repertoire. We ignored her (there were TOO MANY panhandlers about to even acknowledge anyone- we'd have gotten mugged). She stood next to us, repeating her litany the entire time it took for our driver to get back to us.

*For the record I loved being India! It was great. even though it sounds like I didn't like it. I really did. I was just in a grumpy mood. turns out the malria meds had me very parinoid and depressed. But I was to afraid of getting Malaria to stop them.

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

QUTUBS!! (India #10)

SATURDAY- 9-29-07- We went to QUTUB SHAHI tombs. 7 tombs of 7 kings in the QUTUB SHAHI DYNASTY. We had a few hours before our flight from Hyderabad to New Delhi, so we did some sight seeing. The driver dropped us off at the entrance. There was a huge wall with 'poor man's barbed wire'; broken glass cemented all along the top. There was a fee to get in, of course, and also a fee for taking a camera! Luckily 50 Rupees is only about $1.30.

As we come around a turn in the path I hear a multitude of birds, singing and fluttering. PARROTS. How cool.. Parrots in the wild.. They were flying to the tomb. It had a lot of good places for a bird to sit and rest, apparently.

As we were going up a little path to get a view of the tomb, peeking through the flowering trees, a man calls to us and says (in broken English) "No, not there. No. Come here. Don't go that way. Come this way. "

Fearing we were not allowed on that particular path, we go to where he is, close the the front of the first tomb. He has a key (or so it appears- who knows, it was probably already unlocked and he just 'had a key' for appearances). He 'let us in the door' and told us about the tomb and the king. The others nodded and asked questions or made remarks. I could not understand a SINGLE WORD that guy said! I wonder if they could or if they were just acting polite.

This tomb looked all alone, but done the bend and past another flock of parrots was TOMB CITY! The rest of the 7 tombs and a garden (not kept up totally well, but I hear that they are just starting to do a lot of work on a lot of their 'tourist sights')

I like to explore on my own. This man was follwing us, trying to lead us. I kinda went where I wanted. Jen and Michelle followed him and Brian did a bit of both. I found the man to be quite annoying; interrupting my quite walk of exploration and I could barely make out anything he was saying. It was easier to READ THE SIGNS.which were in 2 languages- that's fun.

About 3/4 the way through the place, this man asked for his $250 rupees. Payment for being a tour guide. I never hired him. I never wanted him telling me where to go or about this or that tomb. I couldn't even understand him. I didn't even talk to him about anything the entire time. So I left Jen and Michelle and Brian to deal with him. I learned early on to pretend I didn't even hear the people who begged me to buy their wares if I wasn't interested. And I am good at 'being in my own wold', so people leave me alone quickly.

Michelle offered the man $100 ruppees. He refused it! I guess he basically said "250 rupees or NOTHING." I am like "Cool. It's nothing." and would have gone on and ignored him. Michelle tried to talk him into taking the 100 Rs.

The man then tried to hit Brian up for the 250 Rs. He also offered 100 Rs , which was also refused. He sounded upset. Like we had stolen merchandise from his Jewelry store and he was gonna call the cops to make sure he got payment.

Then hits Jen for the 250 Rs. They were all holding 100Rs out to him and he kept saying no, they owed him 250. I told them put their money back in their pockets if he wasn't going to take it.

I think he ended-up taking 100 from Brian and 100 from either Jen or Michelle.

Here are some more pictures:

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MALaria (India #9)

I seem to have skipped writing much Thursday. Just that it was chilly in the morning and about 93F by 10AM. Also that the running joke is that Jen is pregnant (her Malaria Meds give her Morning Sickness)

Here is what I recall from Thursday and Friday.

*The security at the conference is a joke. Only 3 of the 4 doors have guards and at two of those they never even turn the metal detectors on or check bags or anything. The one door they actually do body pat downs and bag searches, though. So, if you want to avoid the hassle, just use the 2nd floor entrance. there are no guards at all.

There are 3 exhibit halls out back behind the hotel. They have a fence around most of it, with 2 guards. And also with a PVC piping arch- that has wires- to be a metal detector, that is never turned on. And the guards don't even seem to look at anyone. they are eating, chatting or sleeping. There is a guard and metal detector in the Exhibit Halls, too. No one cares about the Food Hall. But I went to one of the exhibit halls that had a Internet Lounge in the back. The guard at the door stopped me and asked where my badge was. I do not have a badge, as I am just a wife. My husband, of course, has a badge. I told the guards I wasn't wearing one. (I did not lie. I did not say I forgot mine or anything like that.) He said "OK" and waved me inside and said I was fine. Good thing for them I wasn't a terrorist.

*Thursday we talked of going out to dinner and shopping. But there meetings seemed to go late, so the gang *Hubby, Me, Jen, Michelle* decided to go out Friday.

*Friday. I don't remember much. We did go out to dinner. I honestly forget where we ended up eating.

* we went to a little seller colony one of the days. a bunch of tent type 'stores' with locals selling their wares. Claiming they were of a quality that they obviously weren't. But I bought a necklace for my mom and earrings for me. And Jen, Michelle and I had Mehndi done on our hands.
Sorry, Guys, that's all I remember.

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Thursday, October 11, 2007


WEDNESDAY-Finally made it to Hyderabad, got to sleep in a nice hotel with my hubby and use a SHOWER and real toilet! (I was in China for 2 weeks and didn't use a real toilet, but that doesn't mean I'm used to it and like it)

After our complimentary breakfast, Brian took me with him on his Photo Walk. He was in search of insects. He likes to photograph insects. He found a black and yellow centipede of which that he took about 20 million photographs. Some pretty butterflies and red dragonflies were also the subject of many pictures. And there was the weird looking bumble bee that was way over photographed!

I do not have a clearance badge, so I was not allowed in the part of the hotel where all the meetings and conferences are being held- which is also where the internet cafe is located.

Yesterday was a big day in Hyderabad. It was "dunk your idol in the Lake Day'. Not just any idol, but the GANESH idol. The elephant headed god. Story goes; his dad accidentally cut off his head and vowed to cut the head off the 1st animal he saw when he stepped outside and to replace his son's head with the head of this animal. If he could put a cut animal head on his headless kid, why couldn't he just stick the kid's own head back on his neck?

So, the roads were crowed and closed off to traffic. For this reason, there were many cancelled meetings at the hotel, as about 1/3 or more of the conferences were from a hotel across town,

I went shopping with Alia today. She bought a lot of little ganesh statues as gifts. Alia is here in India with he husband, who is also attending the conference. He is lawyer though (Space policy lawyer). She has lived in the USA for 2 years. She is from Mexico. She is about 25. They don't have kids. And have plenty of money, it would seem! I accompanied her to a tailor in town. She was having half a wardrobe sewn for herself it seemed. 3 silk shirts, a blouse, a jacket, a sari and a few other pieces. Her husband had 2 wool suits being made. She tried on a few things , mainly her sari.

After the tailors, her driver took us to a temple. We had to take our shoes off and check them. No cameras or cell phones were allowed either. No chewing gum or foods allowed in our purse. This was a polytheistic temple. all through the temple with different idols. There were walkways to go up to the idol, bow, make the appropriate funny hand signs and get a mark on your forehead. I had no desire to do so, but it was interesting to walk around and see it all.

I have been having some mild asthma stuff since yesterday. The air is so muggy and polluted here! I could barely breath at the tailors- which was on the 3rd floor of a skinny building. I tried my inhaler after I got out and to my surprise I discovered it was empty. oh great. I breath long and deep through my nose. At the temple it is worse as I am climbing all these stairs. I had to sit down a couple times and it was all I could do to breath without a major panic attack. I felt like I was suffocating. I tried my inhaler again- hoping the fumes would at least do SOMETHING. Then when we got out I bought a cold COKE. The cold liquid and the caffeine and the AC in the car helped a lot.. Tomorrow I will stay in my nice A/C hotel room all day!

I don't think I have jet lag. I landed here Tuesday, rested a bit, went to bed on time (around 10) and woke at 5AM. that is a little early, but really not early enough to be jetlag I don't think. I didn't have a jetlag problem going to China (or coming home) either. Brian always gets jetlag for a week.

here is a picture from outside the tailor shop:

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

India #7

Driving through Hyderabad I see a billboard about "Stop Foeticide" and "National Girl Day". Killing female fetuses is a problem in India. Gendercide. I wonder if gendercide is a real word?

--As we drive through the entrance to the hotel in Hyderabad, the guards stop the car, look at all the passports, look in the trunk and use a mirror on a pole to look under the car's chassis. Interesting.

Well, it is a NICE hotel. I pretty much go up and go to bed and just lay around and watch TV.

On the news:

Burma Monks march in protest against the government.- what a somber protest march.

Head scarves banned for females in Kosovo schools (one girl expelled for wearing her religions head scarf)- weird

Anorexic BillBoard Model poses with the purpose of shedding light on the disorder and stopping the practice of having models be to rail thin. Won't that just make more girls say--'wow, that's how thin I want to be..look- she is famous and rich for being anorexic'

The Asian Skin lightening cream controversy (Bollywood)- funny- they lighten their skin and we all run to tanning booths to look darker..LOL.

and the village that got in trouble for trying to eat a giraffe. Yes, giraffes are cute and all, but these people are enduring a famine and are starving! Maybe they should have been allowed to kill and eat the giraffe.

Brian gets back from his meetings and discuss the plans for the week. I show him some pics of the boys playing Paintball. (while he was already in India and I was still in Ohio)

The shower stall has a curved glass door that only goes across 2/3 the tub, so water sprays out in the floor. It is supposed to be a neat modern look- but it is not a good idea.

and what is up with all the hand held faucets next to the toilets with the little bucket and drain? Do people use those??? I probably don't want to know.. I am just glad to have a clean, functioning bathroom with soft TP at my every beck and call..LOL

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India Post #6

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The lady behind the curtain wearing surgical gloves, motions for me. I swear if there is a body cavity search I am never going on any trips with my husband again and he owes me BIG TIME…. not sure what. but I will be SO MAD. If I refuse a strip search will she shoot me?

I take a deep breath, walk around the curtain and step up on the little dais as indicated. She tell me (via demonstration) to lift my arms. Then she reached down under the table to get something.
She comes at me with an innocent hand held metal detector and scans me up and down, then does a quick hand pat- nothing too invasive.

She waves me off and I collect my carry-on luggage.

I dose off and on during the flight. It is a much nicer puddle jumper airplane than in the US. The stewardess are so kind and helpful and nice and dressed all perfectly pressed. The seats and aisles are bigger and there is food and snacks on the small flight! In the US. It seems if the flight is less than 5 hours there is no food. I got a full tray snack (lots of different goodies) and a full tray breakfast! Maybe this India thing won’t be as scary as it seems up to now.

I land and as I go to collect my bags, I am greeted by a Indian man who is dressed nicely. He says I must be Mrs Terrill and where are my bags and my husband is here with him and they will drive me to the hotel. He takes my one little red suitcase and I carry my backpack. It is really Gavin’s backpack from 1st grade. It’s small and mostly empty, sans my purse and a book. I brought it to have room to bring gifts home.

He was quick and decisive and walked briskly to the doors and his English was very broken- so I didn’t bother to ask to go potty first… just crossed my legs and prayed for a short drive.
There is my Brian in the other side of the gate! WOW- he is such a great sight!!! I feel I can breathe now.


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at almost 2 AM a man comes over the bench I am resting/sitting on. He was sitting on a bench across and over from me. There was a young college-age guy next to him. There was no one else on my bench. The man kinda points to the bench with the young guy and mumbles something about me moving. he said I am only one and the guy there is only one, but he and his wife are two and want the bench. It was pretty choppy. I'm not complaining. I am more than impressed with anyone who can speak more than 1 or 2 languages, even if one of them is 'just choppy'. So this man seems to say he wants me to sit on the bench next to the young guy, so he and his wife can be together on that bench. So I oblige. Afterall, I am just one and the bench is for two or 3. So I gather my bags and move. The man sits on the bench and his wife comes over. He talks to her, points away and lays down on the bench. She leaves. It seems he did NOT want the bench to sit with his wife, as he said, but to have a bench to himself so he could lie down and sleep.

around 4 I go to the ticket counter for Jetways. I is open and there is a line, so I use the automated machine. Now, the automated teller machine for printing tickets was there and ON last night, but the guard wouldn't let me use it, becuase the ticket counter was not open. I use the automated machine and print my ticket. Then they have to X-Ray my bags. Yes, the did them last night, but no one marked them and I went back to the waiting area b/c they could take the bags anywhere- so why'd they have to Xray them last night? So I hand them my bag and tell them my camera is in my carry one and I was switching it. the sign said NO cameras or batteried (other stuff) allowed in carry-ons. They told me I was fine and not to bother with it. "It's ok. You're OK" I pointed to the sign about the camera in the carry on. Again thinking I might get thrown in a 3rd world jail for a mis-understanding. He assures me it is fine and sends my suitcase through. I offer the carry-on, so it can be Xrayed. he says no; It's fine. Now it has NOT been marked to indicate it has already been through and I could have gone back OUT of the airport and done who knows what since it was x-rayed the night before. But that is fine with him. he sends me through with my suitcases and un-x-rayed purse and carry-on. Then I have to go through a x-ray sensor. the women go through a separate line. As I walk to the entrance for the women's side I see the female guard going behind the curtain and putting on rubber gloves. O.K. I am scared now. Why does she need surgical gloves to have me walk through a metal detector? PLEASE tell me there will NOT be a body search!

Monday, October 8, 2007


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Part 4 starts with the end of my flight to New Delhi, India. After about 15 hours in the air, my plane lands in India around 8PM. I do NOT like going through foreign airports alone. Europeans aren't as bad, but these ones in places like China and India are just awful. I am always afraid I have ticked a wrong box on a form or they ask me a question and I can't understand them and they detain me with their armed military guards and I have no idea why or where or how long because I can;t understand them. And I cant get a hold of my husband or call home. I think of that Tom Hanks movie where he is stuck in an airport for all those years... but here, they carry guns and speak a language I don't understand and there is only one dirty toilet.

After I find my way through customs and they do not take my 'deer trapped in the headlights' look to mean I am a terrorist, I tried to turn and enter the room/passage marked 'inter-terminal'. A guard wearing military uniform and carrying a gun told me I was not allowed. I do not argue with gun toting, foreign speak military. Even when they speak the same language that I speak, I do not argue or try to prove my correctness. They scare me. Once, I was meeting Brian on base for a picnic. I had the 3 kids in the van. I finally find the place. It is on a different section of base and I don't do well with driving on new roads to new places and I missed mt turn and had to go back already. so I was already panicky. Then the A.F. Guard with his gun stops me and asks for my ID. I show him. He says. "I have to take this. It is expired. You have to leave. you can go to 'such and such' entrance and apply for a new pass." that's it. All I heard was "I have to take this--You have to leave" He took my Base I.D. Pass and stood there with his gun at his side. I just want to see my husband! He's not in a building, so I can't have them call him. So I turn around past the barb wire and concrete wall, back onto the road and look for the 'such and such entrance'. I am crying. I am lost and can't get to my husband and the man with a gun won't let me in. I find the entrance and call my husband on my cell phone (can't talk on the cell while driving while on base. I'm not gonna do anything illegal, esp with the armed gaurd there) and tell him the guard took my ID card and he has to come get me. He does. He's all non-chalant like it's no big deal. but I was a basket case.

So I just walk away from the India Gun Guard. I go through my bags and find my email confirmation for my domestic flight. I go back and show the guard. he lets me pass. The man in the bus pick up area tells me there are no more buses until tomorrow.I was going to just wait in the waiting room. He told me I couldn't and needed to take a taxi to the domestic flights airport. He waves a taxi for me, gets in the front, talks to the driver then turns to me and says "you pay now.' I asked how much and could have sworn he said 45 dollars. I told him American dollars, not rupees and he said 45$. I gave him $50- for a tip for the driver. He took it all and left the car, so I had to tip the driver still.

The driver asked when my flight was and insisted I get a hotel. I told him I did not need a hotel.I would stay at the airport and wait. (my flight was at about 5AM). He kept saying I need a hotel and he would book a room for me, etc..... I told him No Hotel. He turned at the intersection; away from the sign that pointed to TERMINALS. I asked him if it was the way to the airport. He assures me it is and that he'd book a hotel room for me when we got there. I told him I did not want a hotel. a little ways down the road he turns into a little parking lot. I ask if it is the airport (It looked like a crummy hotel to me). He told me it was my hotel and he opened the car door and started to get out to book a room. I told him "I do not want a hotel. Take me to the airport now." He did, but was not happy. He lost out on that commission.

The he talks a bit. He asks me if I am a Christian. I guess he figures most Americans are... I tell him "Yes." He then informs me. "I am Hindu." what does a person say to that? "Oh, that's nice." just didn't seem right; neither does "So, how's that working out for you?" So I said nothing. (I don't always do well with social situations)

He gets me to the airport and asks for his tip. Whatever, dude. I gave him a few dollars.

I walk into the airport and they tell me the ticket counter is closed and I won't be able-to get my ticket (from my confirmation email) until the morning. They put my luggage through the x-ray machine and hands it back.

I set the alarm on my grand new kid's watch and hope it works. I lay-down on a bench and hope no one mugs me in my sleep. The room is brightly lit, the television is blaring, the intercom keeps erupting with information and instructions in both Hindi and English. Soon a hear a child screaming and running and more people come lay on the benches. I dozed for about 30 minutes, but can't really sleep. more and more noises. more and more people. Mostly men. One sits right across from me and I feel like he is staring through me. I had my hat over my face, but could see through the weave. I finally just sit up and wait for 4AM so I can see if the ticket counter is open and get my ticket and check in.


last left you with the strong tailwind that got me to my connecting flight on time. (check past entries for the 1st two Flight to India posts)

The departure gate was very crowded. 95% appeared to be homeward bound India Residents.They were all crowded at the gate. They were pushing in and trying to board first. But first class boards first and very few of them were 1st class. The 1st class folks could barely break through the congestion to board. The attendant kept telling them to move back and used hand and arm motions. They just stood there. She ended up almost yelling at them to get them to stop crowding and pushing. They only took a couple steps back. But their wall was loser and people were able to squeeze through when it was their turn to board. I finally board. I have a window seat. I don't like window seats; esp after a big Caramel Latte. I'll be asking the man to move many times to visit the airplanes facilities.

I am by the window. The man in the aisle seat is named Oscar. There is an empty seat between us. Oscar is a German Jew whose parents moved to Honduras-where he was born. When he was about 16 his family relocated to America. How ironic is that! To have an aisle partner from HONDURAS! I told him a little about Manuel. Oscar knew the village Manuel lives in, too.He said it is a very small, poor village. He told me Honduras was doing better financially/economically when America set up a few factories and businesses down there. Things really started to turn around and look-up. Then Honduras bought those businesses from America and they all went downhill and so did the economy.

Wow- this plane is HUGE! Each seat has it's own little TV screen (in the back of the seat in front of it). I wonder what FIRST CLASS has!

I have not decided which is worse...Takeoffs or Touchdowns.I hate those Gs on take off, but I really hate those backwards Gs on touchdown. but on Touchdown I am safe on the ground.

Oscar told me he is glad he has someone to talk to on the plane.When he flies with his wife, she sleeps the whole flight. Funny... that was MY plan,too.

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India Post #2

this will be short, I don;t have much time left at the Internet lounge... so here is a quick second installment (read previous for part one)

The man across the aisle from me (and up one) has his seatbelt buckled, as all passengers should at this time while the light is still on, But he has it loose. there is a good 6 inches slack. If the plane were to suddenly fall from the sky, he'd slam into the overhead compartment and bang around a bit; dying from injuries obtained. Unlike the rest of who are snuggly belted in and would die suddenly upon impact.

You will be happy to know that God sent a strong tailwind, and though the plane departed a good 40 minutes late, it arrived only 15 minutes late! So there was time for both Starbucks and the restroom.


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----kimberly (In India)

My first day -Flight to India

SUNDAY 6PM Sept 23, 2007

My flight was delayed. I was called to the desk and told there was a chance I'd miss my connecting fight from Newark to Dehli. Which means I'd miss my flight from New Dehli to Hyderabad. with no way of calling Brian to let him know I'd not be there when he sent the car to retrieve me.The flight from Dehli to Hyderabad is a different airway. a domestic India airline who maynot let me switch flights without a fee.

Commence anxiety attack. Foreign 3rd world country by myself on the wrong day with no one to know when to come. I think I almost cried. I did lots of deep breathing.

I board the tiny connecting airplane and can hardly breath. It is so small and I am in a window seat- which means trapped between the wall and man.I keep thinking about my inhaler. I try to relax. I hate using it. it makes me so jittery! I hate flying. It makes me dizzy. But I can usually sleep well. But it decreases my jet lag to have all that sleep. (I almost nevr have jet lag)

We have to wait at the end of the runway forever. I hate that too...stuck in a tiny airplane waiting for the delay to end.

We get up in the air and I have 1/2 a glass of orange juice and turn my little AC blower on high and right in my face. I start to feel better.Why is not called 'a plastic of orange juice'? I guess I could say I had half a cup- but that might make you think I had exactly 4 ounces. It was more like 2 ounces I bet. I slipped it slowly.

The stewardess handed out 2 little bags of peanuts to everyone. I think this is the first flight I have been on that handed out peanuts. It is always a pretzel mix. I wonder if they check the flight registry for peanut allergies before they decide which to distribute.

I settle in and observe the other passengers. most of them rip open the bags and eat by the handful, or even just dump the bag straight into their mouths. I sit and eat mine one at a time and think about it. I savor the honey coating before chewing the peanut to get the most of the flavor. The others are eating, but don't seem to even pay attention to their eating as they read or type away on their laptops.

They guzzle their juice with the same greedy speed.

I wonder how they can even taste their food when it barely has time to touch their taste buds before it's down the throat. I think part of eating

---- wind turbulance--

is enjoying the flavor as a complete eating experience.I think we often eat so quickly we don't have time to taste and smell, we are left feeling not fully satisfied. Then we try to hurry up and fill that void by stuffing more food - which still doesn't give us the complete experience.

As I have 3 peanuts left in my 1st bag, most the others have finished their second bag and their drink. Except the man reading a Tom Clancy book; the man who dumped the entire bag of nuts into his mouth at once.He has saved 1/6 of his orange juice. Not even enough for a whole swallow. I hate when I have just a partial swallow. It feels incomplete.

Hopefully there will be time for the restroom when my flight lands. You see, there was logical reasoning to only having 1/2 a cup of OJ.

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Friday, October 5, 2007

Friday, September 14, 2007

spelling and bagels

Today's spelling test was taken at the local cafe. We ordered lunch and then they took their spelling test. Then we went to watch the Juggler at the Greene (open outdoor area at he mall)

had connor move to his own table. He and Gavin had 1 minute at the end to compare their tests.

they write out all their words from memory. I don't say them. Just give them a sheet of paper and say :write your words:

LOL- I had a lot of typos in this one! figures.. on a post about homeschool and spelling!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Spelling went well

finally, a school day post-

With Brian off work and all the running Ihave been doing- we aren't on our list and schedule fully. But working toeards it.

I am getting a cold and feel miserable. Ki is, too , and had me up a good part of the night. So I slepy in till 9:30.

The boys did their morning list- gavin didn't do his all the way. No TV for him today. Well, unles Brian get home from his errand and outranks my decision.

I did spelling with Ki. We went through his list and spelled his words in sign language and I taught him the word signs. This combined both the body and the mind- for more complete learning. So when I do the word sign he can spell the word. If I sign spell he makes the sign and tells me the word.He has to say the letters as he signs the letters. It seemed to go very well!

Then Connor and I had a dentist appointment. Brian had the boys making lunch when I got home at noon. Though they just had breakfast at 10. But when I ask him to make sure they get breakfast or lunch while I amout- he doesn't-- yet he makes them when it's not needed. Lunch 2 hours later is a waste of time. I think Gavin was happy for a reason to piddy and not do work. He is not in my good graces today. I don't know why I even bother ding school when Brian is home. He messes up my plans, takes the kids away from their classes, lets them do whatever........

I sat down with Ki and showed him how to compare fractions... to see which is larger... is 5/7 larger or smaller than 8/12?.. that type of stuff. So he is checking the work he did yesterday. His dad just siad "do this page" and didn;t sit down with im or explain or anyhitng. He volunteered to do the math and asked what they were doing. I told him. You need to sit down with him and go over how to do it. He didn't. Gavin had to copy terms witht heir deffinitions and all Brain had him do was read. So we are doing the same math today as they did yesterday!

The boys did their reading. Connor did some simple Leap Pad stuff. Gavin spent some time with Ben's Guide to US History. Online.

I took a long nap, my cold is getting worse.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Lesson #3 Pre-Writing Skills

this is the third lesson:

Horizontal Lines

Time to add horizontal lines so we can cross t’s and make f’s and E’s and H’s

Start each day by doing large Lazy 8s with your arm. After a few add of these, your other arm.

Do Alphabet 8s with your arms each time you do a writing activity on this sheet, too. This should have Ethan crossing midline easier (necessary for writing and reading)

Using alternatives methods (not paper and pencil) makes some vertical letter lines. Make them large- finger on a full sheet of vertical paper, imaginary on a wall, dry erase markers on a big window, finger paint, playdough. Now cross have Ethan cross them. (show him how to do the first one) Make sure it is one continual motion. Guide his hand if he needs it.

Next, have him draw the vertical line for you to cross. (actually, do this one first)

Take turns drawing the vertical and crossing.

Get out letter tiles. Choose t, T, f, E

Have Ethan draw a large alphabet 8. Show him how he can make these four letters by adding horizontal lines to the letter line part of the Alphabet 8.

Have him finger trace E & t on the alphabet 8. Practice making the E & t with playdough, fingerpaint, dry erase marker, etc. (you might need to spend a few days on this).

Review the Clock Circles, Letter lines and the letters he can now trace and recognize on the Alphabet 8 at either the start or end of each lesson. Each time he does letters (E,t,h,a,n)on the Alphabet 8 show him how they are letters from his name. Also do activities from previous lessons periodical to keep them fresh in his mind and for repetitive practice.

Do the call out activity from the Line Sheet adding new letters and shapes from this sheet.
When he gets stuck on a letter, pull out the Alphabet 8 and letter tiles, find the tile you want and have him finger trace the letter on the alphabet 8.

Lesson #2 - prewriting skills


Practice making lines from top to bottom. I don’t have many ideas for lines. Start all activities with Lazy 8s.
Week 1 do numbers 1-4
Week 2 do numbers 5 &6 multiple times along with other extra practice avtivities

Draw a few large letters with vertical lines (l,i,d,f,t,b,p,q). Have child trace the lines with their finger starting at the top and going down. ~You can ask the child if they see and clock circles in the letters and have them finger trace those.
On a piece of paper (Placed vertically) put a dot at the top/center and a dot directly below at bottom/center. Have the child draw a line with his finger from the top dot to the bottom dot. Use a crayon/marker/finger paint to do the same thing.
Make palydough snakes. Lay them down so they form a straight line (vertically). Feel the straight line with fingers. Trace the line from top to bottom with fingers. Use colored playdough on white paper, so there is a line on the paper when the playdough is removed.
Teach alphabet 8s. Show how Alphabet 8s combine lines with clock circles. (do 5-10 with your child until they can do it on their own upon request)
(Do 5-10 alphabet 8s) Lay out some letters (b,a,c,d,p,o). Find each of these letters on the alphabet 8.
With your child using his finger (in the air, on salt tray, in fingerpaint), call out different things for your child to make.
Ex: ( Have your own tray to do these along with your child)
You- “Let’s make a clock circle”
Child makes clock circle in finger paint-possible with you holding their hand and guiding them the first few times.

You- “Now, let’s try a letter line”
Child (with your assistance if needed) draws a line from top to bottom.

You- “Time for a Lazy 8. Let’s make Lazy 8s on our fingerpaint”
Child (with your assistance if needed) draws lazy 8s (starting @ 2 o’clock on the left circle.)

You- “Let’s try an alphabet 8”
Child (with your assistance if needed) draws alphabet 8s (starting @ 2 o’clock on the left circle.)

Call out these four things in random order for your child to make. Help guide his hand as needed or draw alongside him. When he gets better, have him draw his first, then you draw yours.

From now on, start writing activities with 5-10 each of Lazy 8s and Alphabet 8s.
*Show the letter “n” on the alphabet 8. Have Ethan trace the letter ‘n’ on the alphabet 8. Show him his name and how he can now do the ‘n’
*While doing alphabet 8s, show Ethan where to find the ‘a’ on the alpha8. Have him trace it with finger and then have him do just the ‘a’ part of the lazy 8. Show him his written name and that he has just written another letter from his name!
*Do the same with the ‘h’ on the alphabet 8.
*Continue all activities on this sheet until they are comfortable and easy, helping and guiding as long as it is needed.
**remember to start activities with Lazy 8s and alphabet 8s.

Pre-Writing Skills -

These next few post are from 18 months ago on my old homeschool journal. I just thought I'd share them:

My best friend was telling me how she is concerned about her son. He is almost 5 and she says there is NO WAY he will be ready for Kindergarten this fall. (Idon't think he's as far behind as she thinks) She doesn’t homeschool and, honestly, she is one of those people that shouldn’t homeschool. She said she had him sitting at the table with paper and pen working on writing his name and he was crying. I told her I’d help her out. I know Ethan and ‘normal’ schooling of ‘sit and fill in this workbook’ are NOT going to work with him at all. So I have typed out 4 different lessons (each will take 2-4 weeks I bet) for her to use with Ethan. I’ll share them at the end here. I am having her use a few things I learned from my Brain Gym book. Ethan is one of those boys. Young, immature, ACTIVE, ‘his own person’, not super socially interested in things….. I have 3 kids on the autism spectrum and Ethan reminds me a bit of my kids, but I really don’t see anything abnormal in him. I would say his actions, behaviors are low on the ‘normal’ spectrum, but he’s not quite on the autism spectrum side. (of course, I'm just a mom, not a professional..) BUT I am afraid the school system will be very quick to label him with lots of things.

So here is the first sheet of lessons I made up for her to do with Ethan. I am having her start at the very beginning of writing basics. You have to learn to balance on your skates and to just skate forward without falling long before you learn to do those fancy flips on the oice.

Lets start with the basics. For the first week, we’ll practice “o”s. They seem overly simple, but proper ‘o’ formation is very important to proper writing skills. A proper ‘o’ is formed by starting at the 2 o’clock position and making a circle around to the left (counter clockwise) and ending back at 2 o’clock. Set a timer for 15 minutes for each day of practice. (remember, when I say ‘you’ I mean you and Ethan usually)

Ideas for O Practice. Do # 1-3 on the first day. On the second day do a short review (make sure to do Lazy 8s) and move to #4-5. Day #3 start with Lazy 8s and then move to #6.
Stay with each task until they seem to get it. Continue #6 a couple days, always start with Lazy 8s. Then do #7 for a few days, always start with Lazy 8s. (always do all circles and Lazy 8s in the counter clockwise direction)

use a 12” measuring stick and attach 2-3 feet of ribbon. Use your ribbon stick to draw LARGE ‘o’s in the sky. Make them BIG and always make them in starting at 2 o’clock and going counter clockwise. You don’t have to stop between each “o”, you can make continuous loops. Also make figure 8s that are laying down. (Lazy 8s- like an infinity sign). Go in the same direction with the 8s as you did with the Os.
make “o”s on each other backs. (always from 2 o’clock and around to the left)
Finger paint ‘o’s, use a salt tray or a shaving cream tray. (always from 2 o’clock and around to the left)
NOW get out a clock or a picture of a clock face. Find 2 and start there. Trace around the edge of the clock, counter clockwise, ending at the 2. Do this until the child can start and finish without help. (always start with Lazy 8s.)
Have the child trace a large circle on a piece of paper or chalk board. Have the clock picture there to use for reference. Have them find what would be 2 o’clock on their circle and make their Clock Os. (always start with Lazy 8s.)
on blank paper, make continuous loops (in our Clock O direction). (always start with Lazy 8s.)Finish with clock Os.
Use wide lines (about 8 inches apart) for the loops. Each day decrease an inch in the distance between lines until you can get to 3 inches apart. Stick with that for a couple days. always start with Lazy 8s.

*other ideas.. use cooked spaghetti to properly form the O. Use playdough snakes, use a shoe string. At mealtime, have the child make a ‘clock O’ on their plates. Put a thin, long (3-6 feet) rope on the ground and have child walk the LARGE O, starting at 2 O’Clock. Use that long rope to make a Large Lazy 8 for your child to walk. Ask your child to think up other ways to play Clock Os or Lazy 8s. Lay on the floor and make big clock Os and Lazy 8s with your feet. Use dry erase markers on the window, use your finger on the bathroom mirror after a shower. Have him point out Os in a book (when you are reading to him or without being read to).

*Make sure you sit with your child and do the activities with him. (ie- make your own twirly stick, have a clock face for both of you and do together…..). AND if you gather the needed materials and sit where he can see you and just start doing things yourself, he’ll probably come over and ask to do them, too. I use this trick to get my kids to do lots of things. They can’t stand it when it looks like Mom might be having fun without them.

Use these activities to count out loud with your child for added scholastics if you want.


Friday, August 31, 2007

I took the boys to our open-air mall to see a juggler. Being that schools in session, my kids were the only ones really there to watch the juggler. He let them all try and taught them different juggling tricks and tips. he worked with them. He even got Ki to CATCH! Ki has dyspraxia (poor muscle cordination)- the only thing he can catch is a cold! Anyway. Juggling is what two of my boys choose to learn in homeschool this year. So I have some GREAT pictures. I can;t wait to have time to figure out a layout! It will be our first school layout this year!I'll share a few picture.



I get a little 'OCD' with my charts and schedules....LOL. and they change periodically...

TUES- is still coffee break day and has a slightly different schedule that the rest of the week.

School schedule
6:30- wake
7:15- wake boys
8:00- breakfast- Read*a*loud – prayer
8:45- walk to school
9:00- school
--brain gym & s.o.t.w.
--Spelling *3T
--Ki-Math c/g – science/ben's gov't
11:00 – lunch & recess
12:00- resume school
--ki- reading c/g- math
--spectrum writing *3T
--ki-gov't w/ mom c/g- reading
--teacher's lounge (this will be time for them to work on independat studies of other assignents... and my Bible Reading/Prayer time)

Tues. School schedule
6:30- wake
7:15- wake boys
8:00- breakfast- Read*a*loud – prayer
8:45- walk to school
9:00- school
--brain gym & s.o.t.w.
--Spelling *3T
--Ki-Math c/g – science/ben's gov't
11:00 – mom's cafe break * lunch & recess
--clean up from lunch
--reading (30/45 mins)
--g & c- math
--ki- leap pad
--mom's home – play a game

i have individual morning charts for each boy. with their individual daily jobs.




each boy get's a "patrol" each month.

pantry patrol makes sure the pantry stays organized. when they clean the pantry they like to see that is stays neat.

garbage patrol- taked the individual trash bags to the big black cans each night and takes out the kitchen trash as needed.

bathroom patrol is in charge of :
Bathroom check list
hand towel
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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

why not?

due to the fact that there is not much school here right now, I have felt that there is no need to write in my homeschool blog. (this one).

But I thought I'd give you all a boring update.
It's hot outside.
I went to the bank- the boys used the coin machine. Manuel had $20 in change! Went to the thriftstore bought 2 suitcases for Manuel and sandles for Connor.
GLOBAL WARMING- the boys are watching a show about the antartic melting and global warming. ( and penguins dying)Gavin said:"I think part of global warming is that our slightly oval orbit is shifting"What I thought was odd id how they talked about how years of evolution have adapted the penguins to the cold area-- so why are they worried? won't yrs of evelotion re-adapt them to the warmer climate?Don't they trust evolution to continue to evolve the animal life to adapt to the changing climate?
I like dinners when Brian is gone- it's a get what you want and it's fine if we just eat fruits and cold cereal~
can I become addicted to Activa yougurt?I've been fine ating it, it's helped a lot- no more digestive crampping..BUT I didn't have it yesterday or today and I'm all crampy in my gut again. I think they have lured me in and trapped me...
I have decided to make a list of activiies- hobbies. Something the boys have to learn this school year.
Things like:
Yo-Yo tricks
Contact Juggling
I think I want to make a little worksheet for the first day of school. They can list what they want to learn and what they plan on being when they grow up and hat lessons they think will help them with that- and have extras for them to choose from- like the above 'hobbies' and maybe a list of sports to choose one from for this year.

Friday, August 10, 2007

too hot

Connor is already tired of ear drops. Poor kid. 20 a day is a LOT!

It was TOO HOT for camping but maybe next weekend.....

In Laws are leaving for another trip Saturday and we are having dinner with them tonight.

Connor get more tooth work done Monday.

Our White Computer is dead- so I LOST all my Blogger Links! can only find you if you leave me a note....LOL. I'll have to go through my old posts and read my comments I guess!

I had an occular migraine today- the eye part is better, but my head is KILLING ME!

I may go to INDIA next month!!!! I'm excited!

The retirement plan and the health insurance at the California job are both very good! They said they are scheduling a date for an interview with Brian. We'll hear from them next week I think. Then we'll learn how much they will offer to pay- then we make our decision!@

Monday, August 6, 2007


*Got back from the ear doctor. Connor's infections last month never cleared up apparently. They had to suction his ear last month, it was so bad. They had to suction it again today it was worse (Connor almost never has pain with ear infections). He lost his ear tube and the hole has healed. He has fluid behind his ear drum and hearing loss. He is on drops 4 times a day (5 drops each time) PLUS oral meds- Extra Strength Amoxicillan.

(Connor is 12.5- seems a bit old for ear tubes i think...LOL. )
We leave in 30 minutes for the orthodontist with Connor. This is not his month.... 4 Ortho appointments, 2 Ear appointments.......

Plus Manuel has an apointment in Cincinnati on the 17th and Gavin will have his well child check up at the end of the month....

Lets not forget the getting the house ready to sell and going camping and the decisions of moving to California. I am having more Caramel Lattes this month than usual...

************************ SCHOOL NEWS ******************
Connor and gavin and Ki did well on their timelines and drawings for their seperate Independant Studies. Gavin is reding in Matthew still. I had Connor read Psalms 23 (and write part of it) becuase he was anxious about his teeth and ear stuff. I read Acts 4 to Ki. Manuel read in John about Jesus' 1st miracle and wrote a few verses from John 1 in both English and Spanish.
This week my boys will add alittle to their independant studies. Not much as we will be camping the last couple days of the week.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

taking the morning off

We had some computer problems and now I am on a different computer- so I lost all my saved Bloggers that I read... so I'll just have to read those that have left me notes. and hopefully this weekend I'll get to it. I leave today and get back sometime tomorrow.

LAST NIGHT- I put a sign on the fridge and on the table. I put a sign on the vacuum, the laundry closet door and the dishwasher. Then went to bed. I knew the boys wuld wake before me. They are up at 7. I sleep in if it's not 'sctructured school day'. The signs on the fridge and table said "BREAKFAST @ PANERA" and the other 3 signs said "NO MORNING CHORES!". The boys woke. I woke, took a shower. Asked if they read the sings..
Connor said:"Yes, we don't have to do chores and we don't get to eat breakfast"

I started a load of wash (Connor's morning work), unloaded the dishwasher (Ki's morning work) nd then loaded it with some dirty dishes (Gavin's morning work.)

Then we walked to Panera. About 4 blocks to the busy street, the cross and it's a few stores in and to the left of the outdoor mall.

After I check my email stuff I'll vacuum (manuel's morning job), whole my older two a little work on thier timelines for the summer independant studies.

*It's nice to have a No Morning Chore day with the boys and take them to breakfast occassionally.*

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


here are some things that have been happening here:

  • Brian applied for a job in California (we are in Ohio)- so that will be exciting if it pans out!
  • Connor starts his phase one with the orthodontsist this m onth. He has 4 seperate appointemnts this month. one is with the dentist to have 2 teeth pulled. (the baby teeth are almost horizonatal and will be real trouble when they try to move closer to the surface.
  • Trying to help the boys work on the independant online research.... and down to one computer (from 2 PCs and a Laptop)
  • Resued a baby bunny from Soksey. And one died.
  • Made an unpleasant discovery about Manuel and have been trying to run things a bit differently here. I have noticed him push or swing sticks at my boys or chase them a couple times recently. The last time he was chasing and spitting. so I sent him to do his therapy and talked to my boys. Apperently often when I am out or they are outside and I'm not there, Manuel chases them while throwing sticks, hits them, etc. Id they are walking in the hall (which is narrow) and one of mine accidently bumps him, he punches them. And there have been other things. So now, He goes with me everywhere. Though he is old enough an can handle being home with my boys while I run to the store, he comes with me now.
  • Brian is planning camping and an amusement park trip, but not really helping me pack things up, then I can't get to cleaning I need because he hasn't moved the larger items. So I am not happy about that right now.
  • Brian will beout of town the last few days this week.
  • Gavin has a birthday this month.
  • manuel has his final (hopefilly) dr appointment this month.
  • Next month we hope manue will be able to return to his family.
  • Next month Ki has a birthday
  • next months is our anniversary (all this by Mid Month)
  • Brian may go to India for 2 weeks in Sept
  • Or he may go to Hawaii for a week
  • Or he may not go anywhere.


  • Gavin has been doinghis study on modern weapons ans he is working an a timeline for the history of weapons.
  • Connor is working on his timeline for The History of Money. He likes the USmintkids website.
  • Ki is making his Martin Luther timeline and I am reading from the book of Acts with him.
  • We did a Bible Verse study on choosing good friends. they memorized about 3 verses. Each day they'd read through thier list them write a few verses out. They read the same list of verses evryday for a week. Now the oldertwo are reading the Sermon on the mount in Matthew and writing different sections.
  • Manuel has been reading a Spanish transaltion of the NIV at He was having trouble understaing the KJV we have here. After he reads, he write a portion in both Spaish and then in English. He is reading 1 Cor 13 this week.


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