Monday, October 22, 2007

we are lunch break- So I have time to post what we did this morning:(my boys are 11, 12.5, 14). 3 links included.

Monday October 22, 2007
Breakfast at 8:30
School at 9.
Read to boys: Jesus Freaks
Brain Gym (Cris Crosses, water, Elephant 8s & Deep Breathing, water, Body scales, water, Hook-Ups)

Spelling. C&G copy from the board. I sit with Ki and write o ut one word at a time for him- to show how one word can be made into the next word (except for a couple that are not in the spelling pattern.

C&Gs words- they build on their words throughout the week I do not write the words with the dashes- but I write them on the board so the ink word lines up with the /ink’ in the other words (same w/ ‘ought’)




Ki’s words:

*words chosen by Ki himself. (sequential spelling link)

Ki choose to write in his story. Mid year, last year he developed a sudden interest in writing. He has ALWAYS loved telling stories, but had not written much till then. He decided to write. He’ll write then from time to time, he’ll ask me to ‘spellcheck his work’ We live in such a computer age…LOL. If he is playing and I ask him to go do something for me- he says “ok. I’ll pause my game” like his playing with action figures or telling stories (its his favorite past time) are computer games with a pause button.

10 O’clock- Ki is writing. Gavin is showering, Connor is reading. I took a walk.

Then Math, proceeded by Leg Extensions- a Brain gym activity good to do before math.
Ki did Math Dice with 2 fractions dice. 8 addition problems and 5 subtraction problems.
With Gavin and Connor I did an algebra lesson from our Cliff Notes Book . *Changing fractions to decimals- decimals to fractions and fractions to percent. They did well.

Math class was about an 40 minutes. We were done by 11:20- Lunch Time. i hope to be finished with school by 2:30 or 3
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