Monday, October 8, 2007


last left you with the strong tailwind that got me to my connecting flight on time. (check past entries for the 1st two Flight to India posts)

The departure gate was very crowded. 95% appeared to be homeward bound India Residents.They were all crowded at the gate. They were pushing in and trying to board first. But first class boards first and very few of them were 1st class. The 1st class folks could barely break through the congestion to board. The attendant kept telling them to move back and used hand and arm motions. They just stood there. She ended up almost yelling at them to get them to stop crowding and pushing. They only took a couple steps back. But their wall was loser and people were able to squeeze through when it was their turn to board. I finally board. I have a window seat. I don't like window seats; esp after a big Caramel Latte. I'll be asking the man to move many times to visit the airplanes facilities.

I am by the window. The man in the aisle seat is named Oscar. There is an empty seat between us. Oscar is a German Jew whose parents moved to Honduras-where he was born. When he was about 16 his family relocated to America. How ironic is that! To have an aisle partner from HONDURAS! I told him a little about Manuel. Oscar knew the village Manuel lives in, too.He said it is a very small, poor village. He told me Honduras was doing better financially/economically when America set up a few factories and businesses down there. Things really started to turn around and look-up. Then Honduras bought those businesses from America and they all went downhill and so did the economy.

Wow- this plane is HUGE! Each seat has it's own little TV screen (in the back of the seat in front of it). I wonder what FIRST CLASS has!

I have not decided which is worse...Takeoffs or Touchdowns.I hate those Gs on take off, but I really hate those backwards Gs on touchdown. but on Touchdown I am safe on the ground.

Oscar told me he is glad he has someone to talk to on the plane.When he flies with his wife, she sleeps the whole flight. Funny... that was MY plan,too.

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