Saturday, October 13, 2007

MALaria (India #9)

I seem to have skipped writing much Thursday. Just that it was chilly in the morning and about 93F by 10AM. Also that the running joke is that Jen is pregnant (her Malaria Meds give her Morning Sickness)

Here is what I recall from Thursday and Friday.

*The security at the conference is a joke. Only 3 of the 4 doors have guards and at two of those they never even turn the metal detectors on or check bags or anything. The one door they actually do body pat downs and bag searches, though. So, if you want to avoid the hassle, just use the 2nd floor entrance. there are no guards at all.

There are 3 exhibit halls out back behind the hotel. They have a fence around most of it, with 2 guards. And also with a PVC piping arch- that has wires- to be a metal detector, that is never turned on. And the guards don't even seem to look at anyone. they are eating, chatting or sleeping. There is a guard and metal detector in the Exhibit Halls, too. No one cares about the Food Hall. But I went to one of the exhibit halls that had a Internet Lounge in the back. The guard at the door stopped me and asked where my badge was. I do not have a badge, as I am just a wife. My husband, of course, has a badge. I told the guards I wasn't wearing one. (I did not lie. I did not say I forgot mine or anything like that.) He said "OK" and waved me inside and said I was fine. Good thing for them I wasn't a terrorist.

*Thursday we talked of going out to dinner and shopping. But there meetings seemed to go late, so the gang *Hubby, Me, Jen, Michelle* decided to go out Friday.

*Friday. I don't remember much. We did go out to dinner. I honestly forget where we ended up eating.

* we went to a little seller colony one of the days. a bunch of tent type 'stores' with locals selling their wares. Claiming they were of a quality that they obviously weren't. But I bought a necklace for my mom and earrings for me. And Jen, Michelle and I had Mehndi done on our hands.
Sorry, Guys, that's all I remember.

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