Tuesday, October 9, 2007


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at almost 2 AM a man comes over the bench I am resting/sitting on. He was sitting on a bench across and over from me. There was a young college-age guy next to him. There was no one else on my bench. The man kinda points to the bench with the young guy and mumbles something about me moving. he said I am only one and the guy there is only one, but he and his wife are two and want the bench. It was pretty choppy. I'm not complaining. I am more than impressed with anyone who can speak more than 1 or 2 languages, even if one of them is 'just choppy'. So this man seems to say he wants me to sit on the bench next to the young guy, so he and his wife can be together on that bench. So I oblige. Afterall, I am just one and the bench is for two or 3. So I gather my bags and move. The man sits on the bench and his wife comes over. He talks to her, points away and lays down on the bench. She leaves. It seems he did NOT want the bench to sit with his wife, as he said, but to have a bench to himself so he could lie down and sleep.

around 4 I go to the ticket counter for Jetways. I is open and there is a line, so I use the automated machine. Now, the automated teller machine for printing tickets was there and ON last night, but the guard wouldn't let me use it, becuase the ticket counter was not open. I use the automated machine and print my ticket. Then they have to X-Ray my bags. Yes, the did them last night, but no one marked them and I went back to the waiting area b/c they could take the bags anywhere- so why'd they have to Xray them last night? So I hand them my bag and tell them my camera is in my carry one and I was switching it. the sign said NO cameras or batteried (other stuff) allowed in carry-ons. They told me I was fine and not to bother with it. "It's ok. You're OK" I pointed to the sign about the camera in the carry on. Again thinking I might get thrown in a 3rd world jail for a mis-understanding. He assures me it is fine and sends my suitcase through. I offer the carry-on, so it can be Xrayed. he says no; It's fine. Now it has NOT been marked to indicate it has already been through and I could have gone back OUT of the airport and done who knows what since it was x-rayed the night before. But that is fine with him. he sends me through with my suitcases and un-x-rayed purse and carry-on. Then I have to go through a x-ray sensor. the women go through a separate line. As I walk to the entrance for the women's side I see the female guard going behind the curtain and putting on rubber gloves. O.K. I am scared now. Why does she need surgical gloves to have me walk through a metal detector? PLEASE tell me there will NOT be a body search!
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