Monday, October 8, 2007

India Post #2

this will be short, I don;t have much time left at the Internet lounge... so here is a quick second installment (read previous for part one)

The man across the aisle from me (and up one) has his seatbelt buckled, as all passengers should at this time while the light is still on, But he has it loose. there is a good 6 inches slack. If the plane were to suddenly fall from the sky, he'd slam into the overhead compartment and bang around a bit; dying from injuries obtained. Unlike the rest of who are snuggly belted in and would die suddenly upon impact.

You will be happy to know that God sent a strong tailwind, and though the plane departed a good 40 minutes late, it arrived only 15 minutes late! So there was time for both Starbucks and the restroom.


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----kimberly (In India)
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