Tuesday, October 9, 2007

India Post #6

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The lady behind the curtain wearing surgical gloves, motions for me. I swear if there is a body cavity search I am never going on any trips with my husband again and he owes me BIG TIME…. not sure what. but I will be SO MAD. If I refuse a strip search will she shoot me?

I take a deep breath, walk around the curtain and step up on the little dais as indicated. She tell me (via demonstration) to lift my arms. Then she reached down under the table to get something.
She comes at me with an innocent hand held metal detector and scans me up and down, then does a quick hand pat- nothing too invasive.

She waves me off and I collect my carry-on luggage.

I dose off and on during the flight. It is a much nicer puddle jumper airplane than in the US. The stewardess are so kind and helpful and nice and dressed all perfectly pressed. The seats and aisles are bigger and there is food and snacks on the small flight! In the US. It seems if the flight is less than 5 hours there is no food. I got a full tray snack (lots of different goodies) and a full tray breakfast! Maybe this India thing won’t be as scary as it seems up to now.

I land and as I go to collect my bags, I am greeted by a Indian man who is dressed nicely. He says I must be Mrs Terrill and where are my bags and my husband is here with him and they will drive me to the hotel. He takes my one little red suitcase and I carry my backpack. It is really Gavin’s backpack from 1st grade. It’s small and mostly empty, sans my purse and a book. I brought it to have room to bring gifts home.

He was quick and decisive and walked briskly to the doors and his English was very broken- so I didn’t bother to ask to go potty first… just crossed my legs and prayed for a short drive.
There is my Brian in the other side of the gate! WOW- he is such a great sight!!! I feel I can breathe now.
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