Tuesday, October 9, 2007

India #7

Driving through Hyderabad I see a billboard about "Stop Foeticide" and "National Girl Day". Killing female fetuses is a problem in India. Gendercide. I wonder if gendercide is a real word?

--As we drive through the entrance to the hotel in Hyderabad, the guards stop the car, look at all the passports, look in the trunk and use a mirror on a pole to look under the car's chassis. Interesting.

Well, it is a NICE hotel. I pretty much go up and go to bed and just lay around and watch TV.

On the news:

Burma Monks march in protest against the government.- what a somber protest march.

Head scarves banned for females in Kosovo schools (one girl expelled for wearing her religions head scarf)- weird

Anorexic BillBoard Model poses with the purpose of shedding light on the disorder and stopping the practice of having models be to rail thin. Won't that just make more girls say--'wow, that's how thin I want to be..look- she is famous and rich for being anorexic'

The Asian Skin lightening cream controversy (Bollywood)- funny- they lighten their skin and we all run to tanning booths to look darker..LOL.

and the village that got in trouble for trying to eat a giraffe. Yes, giraffes are cute and all, but these people are enduring a famine and are starving! Maybe they should have been allowed to kill and eat the giraffe.

Brian gets back from his meetings and discuss the plans for the week. I show him some pics of the boys playing Paintball. (while he was already in India and I was still in Ohio)

The shower stall has a curved glass door that only goes across 2/3 the tub, so water sprays out in the floor. It is supposed to be a neat modern look- but it is not a good idea.

and what is up with all the hand held faucets next to the toilets with the little bucket and drain? Do people use those??? I probably don't want to know.. I am just glad to have a clean, functioning bathroom with soft TP at my every beck and call..LOL

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