Saturday, December 15, 2007

to quiz or not to quiz... or HOW to QUIZ...

love home educating my boys. I love writing lessons. I like making quizes or question/study guides. I decided to make some quizes to go with their online government lessons. I am dreading it. I could forego the bi-weekly quizes, but I have decided that this trimester of school I want to focus on government and also on some school skills- taking notes, outlines, quizes. I think it's important to have some skill in these things for college and even jobs require these skills.

I decided quizes will be in math, science and government. and I won't be giving Ki science quizes (unless he wants them- he likes to choose to do what his brothers do when it hasn't been assigned to him. Makeshim feel smart to be able to take a quiz like his big brothers. I have found it to be an effective teaching method- to NOT assign him things that his older brothers do- then he gets that 'I HAVE TO KEEP UP WITH MY BIG BROTHERS" mentality.

So- I have 6 weeks of creative writing lessons. 5 weeks of lessons, week 6 is applied- writing short story using story cards (random draw of characters and conflict and setting).
I have 6 weeks of Math (Froggy Fractions) for Ki. He loves workbooks, so I went through and wrote down the pages- which he will be fine with half pages, every new skill he can choose between doing the 2nd OR 3rd page in that skill (he doesn;t need 4 pages of review, but the first is needed and page 4 is story problems he loves those. There are 6 story problems on the story problem pages. He does 4 and makes up 2 for his dad to do.

At the end of the 6 weeks he will have his next certificate. He loves getting those. I make them (the ones included in the workbook just don't fit what we do) I use cute tree frog clip art.
The older two I don't have a ending goal planned, we'll just go through out Algebra 1 book day by day and see where it takes us.

I have at least 8 weeks planned for Ki's Peoples of the World book. depending how in depth he wants to go- he could take this 8 weeks plans and 12 or more weeks with it!
I am enjoying ALL of the planning and look forward to planning the rest....... EXCEPT those darn government quizes. I think it is just because I'm not sure how I want to do them yet.

write gov't quizes
plan DNA/Forensics- gather URLs, experiments and supplies, quizes, other activities.
Plan science Experiements for Fridays.
then gather some general school supplies.
I'm sure I'll think of more to plan in a bit.

Monday, December 10, 2007


it is that time of year. time to take a break from schooling. As 'year round' schoolers. we take about 3 weeks off around Christmas.
I love it. I get to make lots of charts and schedules for the next 'trimester' of school.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007



I was just handed a SUBPOENA!!!

"failure to show could result in my arrest"LOL..

I witnessed a car accident I think I was the ONLY one that hung around to give a statement. NOW I know why......

The court date is Jan 2. We have a Wedding to attend in Nebraska on Dec 31 (we are in Ohio and are driving) So we will have too leave the very next day- no visiting with relatives....

I am actually excited. I remember being upset that they ended up not needing me when I was called upon for jury duty.And I will bring my kids! Talk about a GREAT HOMESCHOOL experience!!


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