Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tuesday's Entropy

It is SOOO Gorgeous today! I decided we should do lots of outdoors stuff today, so we may not get all the ‘inside school’ stuff done. (online research, ALEKS, etc).
I finished my new round of mini-greenhouses. Had to get all the tops taped on them today. Ki and I transplanted a couple Sunflower Starts that were ‘greenhouse germinated’. Connor & Gavin did some dismantling of wooden structures so I can see if I can make a plant stand thingy from it.
The boys took turns reading from Story of the World (topic: Robin Hood) and then read a few sections in the Critical Thinking Book. I think Ki will be dropping the class. Sorry Deb. It’s just not working with the way he thinks and learns. But I think I will see what I can do with him along the lines of the lessons. And I see that I will have to teach him better how to change a ‘reading/oral’ lesson into a hands on, drawn examples, moved manipulatives lesson on his own- so he can survive college.

We walked to the library. I helped the boys look up their research subjects so they could find their books. Ki looked up a couple books for his own enjoyments. We walked home. I had taken Benedryl before the walk (itchiness) and fell into a coma-like state when I got home. Slept like a corpse for about 2.5 hours.

I forgot how drugged I get from Benadryl. It totally ruined the rest of my day. I will feel like a wet cotton ball for the rest of the day.
Ki will have to do his math without me.

At least it was a good morning and I felt accomplished in the AM.

Monday, February 1, 2010

J-Term Wrap-Up

I am pleased with the way J-term went. Gavin did a lot of computer programming. Connor did a lot of robot building type stuff. They wrote a report. Gavin did a few modules of Physics. Connor sewed a few things and has a few more things planned to sew. He learned so adjust a pattern, take measurements, operate the sewing machine, sew, applique, and more. Same with Ki.
Ki did very well with his cooking. He learned techniques, terms, history and more.

Ki took a class at a culinary school and has a big gourmet meal planned. we are finishing up some sewing projects and Ki is working on his culinary this week, too, to get him ready for his big dinner.

I have decided that the phrase 'when things slow down' has no place in my vocabulary. things will not slow down. not for at least 10 years I bet.

I am already making plans for MAY-TERM. like J-term, but in MAY! I have decided they will each have one required class.

and now I need to eat more and do something in the laundry and plant some seeds and make a grocery list and clean my bathroom and help C&K sew and give G a physics test.

tonight- AVATAR 3-D


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