Monday, September 3, 2007

Lesson #3 Pre-Writing Skills

this is the third lesson:

Horizontal Lines

Time to add horizontal lines so we can cross t’s and make f’s and E’s and H’s

Start each day by doing large Lazy 8s with your arm. After a few add of these, your other arm.

Do Alphabet 8s with your arms each time you do a writing activity on this sheet, too. This should have Ethan crossing midline easier (necessary for writing and reading)

Using alternatives methods (not paper and pencil) makes some vertical letter lines. Make them large- finger on a full sheet of vertical paper, imaginary on a wall, dry erase markers on a big window, finger paint, playdough. Now cross have Ethan cross them. (show him how to do the first one) Make sure it is one continual motion. Guide his hand if he needs it.

Next, have him draw the vertical line for you to cross. (actually, do this one first)

Take turns drawing the vertical and crossing.

Get out letter tiles. Choose t, T, f, E

Have Ethan draw a large alphabet 8. Show him how he can make these four letters by adding horizontal lines to the letter line part of the Alphabet 8.

Have him finger trace E & t on the alphabet 8. Practice making the E & t with playdough, fingerpaint, dry erase marker, etc. (you might need to spend a few days on this).

Review the Clock Circles, Letter lines and the letters he can now trace and recognize on the Alphabet 8 at either the start or end of each lesson. Each time he does letters (E,t,h,a,n)on the Alphabet 8 show him how they are letters from his name. Also do activities from previous lessons periodical to keep them fresh in his mind and for repetitive practice.

Do the call out activity from the Line Sheet adding new letters and shapes from this sheet.
When he gets stuck on a letter, pull out the Alphabet 8 and letter tiles, find the tile you want and have him finger trace the letter on the alphabet 8.
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