Monday, September 3, 2007

Lesson #2 - prewriting skills


Practice making lines from top to bottom. I don’t have many ideas for lines. Start all activities with Lazy 8s.
Week 1 do numbers 1-4
Week 2 do numbers 5 &6 multiple times along with other extra practice avtivities

Draw a few large letters with vertical lines (l,i,d,f,t,b,p,q). Have child trace the lines with their finger starting at the top and going down. ~You can ask the child if they see and clock circles in the letters and have them finger trace those.
On a piece of paper (Placed vertically) put a dot at the top/center and a dot directly below at bottom/center. Have the child draw a line with his finger from the top dot to the bottom dot. Use a crayon/marker/finger paint to do the same thing.
Make palydough snakes. Lay them down so they form a straight line (vertically). Feel the straight line with fingers. Trace the line from top to bottom with fingers. Use colored playdough on white paper, so there is a line on the paper when the playdough is removed.
Teach alphabet 8s. Show how Alphabet 8s combine lines with clock circles. (do 5-10 with your child until they can do it on their own upon request)
(Do 5-10 alphabet 8s) Lay out some letters (b,a,c,d,p,o). Find each of these letters on the alphabet 8.
With your child using his finger (in the air, on salt tray, in fingerpaint), call out different things for your child to make.
Ex: ( Have your own tray to do these along with your child)
You- “Let’s make a clock circle”
Child makes clock circle in finger paint-possible with you holding their hand and guiding them the first few times.

You- “Now, let’s try a letter line”
Child (with your assistance if needed) draws a line from top to bottom.

You- “Time for a Lazy 8. Let’s make Lazy 8s on our fingerpaint”
Child (with your assistance if needed) draws lazy 8s (starting @ 2 o’clock on the left circle.)

You- “Let’s try an alphabet 8”
Child (with your assistance if needed) draws alphabet 8s (starting @ 2 o’clock on the left circle.)

Call out these four things in random order for your child to make. Help guide his hand as needed or draw alongside him. When he gets better, have him draw his first, then you draw yours.

From now on, start writing activities with 5-10 each of Lazy 8s and Alphabet 8s.
*Show the letter “n” on the alphabet 8. Have Ethan trace the letter ‘n’ on the alphabet 8. Show him his name and how he can now do the ‘n’
*While doing alphabet 8s, show Ethan where to find the ‘a’ on the alpha8. Have him trace it with finger and then have him do just the ‘a’ part of the lazy 8. Show him his written name and that he has just written another letter from his name!
*Do the same with the ‘h’ on the alphabet 8.
*Continue all activities on this sheet until they are comfortable and easy, helping and guiding as long as it is needed.
**remember to start activities with Lazy 8s and alphabet 8s.
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