Monday, August 6, 2007


*Got back from the ear doctor. Connor's infections last month never cleared up apparently. They had to suction his ear last month, it was so bad. They had to suction it again today it was worse (Connor almost never has pain with ear infections). He lost his ear tube and the hole has healed. He has fluid behind his ear drum and hearing loss. He is on drops 4 times a day (5 drops each time) PLUS oral meds- Extra Strength Amoxicillan.

(Connor is 12.5- seems a bit old for ear tubes i think...LOL. )
We leave in 30 minutes for the orthodontist with Connor. This is not his month.... 4 Ortho appointments, 2 Ear appointments.......

Plus Manuel has an apointment in Cincinnati on the 17th and Gavin will have his well child check up at the end of the month....

Lets not forget the getting the house ready to sell and going camping and the decisions of moving to California. I am having more Caramel Lattes this month than usual...

************************ SCHOOL NEWS ******************
Connor and gavin and Ki did well on their timelines and drawings for their seperate Independant Studies. Gavin is reding in Matthew still. I had Connor read Psalms 23 (and write part of it) becuase he was anxious about his teeth and ear stuff. I read Acts 4 to Ki. Manuel read in John about Jesus' 1st miracle and wrote a few verses from John 1 in both English and Spanish.
This week my boys will add alittle to their independant studies. Not much as we will be camping the last couple days of the week.
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