Wednesday, August 22, 2007

why not?

due to the fact that there is not much school here right now, I have felt that there is no need to write in my homeschool blog. (this one).

But I thought I'd give you all a boring update.
It's hot outside.
I went to the bank- the boys used the coin machine. Manuel had $20 in change! Went to the thriftstore bought 2 suitcases for Manuel and sandles for Connor.
GLOBAL WARMING- the boys are watching a show about the antartic melting and global warming. ( and penguins dying)Gavin said:"I think part of global warming is that our slightly oval orbit is shifting"What I thought was odd id how they talked about how years of evolution have adapted the penguins to the cold area-- so why are they worried? won't yrs of evelotion re-adapt them to the warmer climate?Don't they trust evolution to continue to evolve the animal life to adapt to the changing climate?
I like dinners when Brian is gone- it's a get what you want and it's fine if we just eat fruits and cold cereal~
can I become addicted to Activa yougurt?I've been fine ating it, it's helped a lot- no more digestive crampping..BUT I didn't have it yesterday or today and I'm all crampy in my gut again. I think they have lured me in and trapped me...
I have decided to make a list of activiies- hobbies. Something the boys have to learn this school year.
Things like:
Yo-Yo tricks
Contact Juggling
I think I want to make a little worksheet for the first day of school. They can list what they want to learn and what they plan on being when they grow up and hat lessons they think will help them with that- and have extras for them to choose from- like the above 'hobbies' and maybe a list of sports to choose one from for this year.
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