Thursday, February 24, 2011

Being Green & Other Colors

I rode my bile to the store and used my handmade, cloth, reusable bags. I can already hear some of you applauding my greenness; you can stop now.

I ride my bike to the store to get exercise & fresh air & sunshine...
and to not have to buy as much gas. And because the store is only half a mile away. it would be way too much work to actually drive.
I hate driving . I'd have to find the keys first. That presents a stressful dilemma most days. Then I'd have to get in the van, which is always a mess and smells kinda like [boys]. That is not fun either. Then I'd have to BACK out of the driveway. I hate backing up in the van. Then I'd have to pull out into traffic. I hate that. The other cars scare me. Then I'd have to turn LEFT... at an INTERSECTION. I hate that, too. Turning. and. intersections. But the WORST part is that I'd have to PARK. I hate parking. Then after grocery shopping [which is no joy] I have to do the driving nightmare all over again.

So, riding my bike is NOT to be 'green'. Being Green is just a side-product.

Those adorable handmade reusable bags?
Surely they are to be green and save the planet! Well, they are because I love to sew and though the fabric was cute and it is a simple project. Not only that, anyone who has to buy groceries for3 hungry boys know that anything that makes grocery shopping more cheery is a MUST. These bags make me smile. they are colorful. Orange. Blue. Red. and green. - - again, Being Green is a Side Product.

I also save water, from letting the faucet run to get it hot, or the shower, or other such times- to use to help in water the garden. And again, the main reason I do it is because water is so expensive here in California (and it's kinda fun). So, I guess 'being green' is a side product there, too.

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See that brown brown button up there? Do me a favor and just click it. Nothing else required. just click and then finish reading my blog.

or not. Because, really, who cares what my blog ranking is on TopMommyBlogs? I don't think anyone finds my blog via TMBs anyway; which was the goal in listing there- to be found and read by other homeschool moms to share experiences of homeschooling. so, never mind.

I didn't get enough sleep Tuesday night. So I was tired Wednesday and woke up already behind schedule. So I ran around trying to get everything done and get the boys driven to their Acting Class, then came home to finish stuff. So I ended the day more tired and worn out than I started.

This means that today I an exhausted, mentally and physically. being tired takes a little bigger toll on my body and it takes my body a little longer to recover from it.I pretend that's not the case, but it always catches up to me eventually. I'm thinking Gaming Weekend didn't help.

Ki has some tadpoles. They are from a few different 'batches' of eggs. His biggest tadpole now has back legs and tiny arm-buds. Ki is so excited! I need to get a picture of it to post here. I'm sure you will be THRILLED to see this half fish/half frog creature.

I was looking over my STATS page. The Pickle Autopsy has 50 views! I guess people like a good Dicey Dill Drama. my Crime Scene Analysis has 92 views. People like their crime scenes and dead bodies! Now, I have an older entry called "X-MEN"- and it has 92 views. It has so many views because people GOOGLE; "X-MEN", my post shows up in the search, they click it-and are probably very disappointed.

O.K. I am back. I bet you didn't even know I had left! I am that fast! See' I suddenly remembered I was boiling eggs downstairs and ran to go take them off the burner so I don't end up with rubbery boiled eggs that have green innards. I think my eggs are safe.

SO where was I?? Ah, yes...STATS... In other stat news,
I have 98 followers. Not sure what that means or if it is important, but it is 2 from 100
and 100 is a nice round number. And I had 25 posts in January. 25 is a good number, too. Quarters. Christmas. Connor's Birthday. (which is January 25). Brian's birthday. Quarters.

I added a THINK GREEN BLOG HOP button. I figured this post was "kinda-almost-a little-green"- so click the 2 Blog Hop Buttons to read more blogs/get more readers on your blog.

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