Monday, January 10, 2011

C.S.I. Crime Scene Analysis.

Today was our GROUP Forensic Class Day!! Our friends came over and we got ready to process the crime scene! hen our evidence markers were made and out latex gloved donned, we found the crime scene! It was a messy murder. Molly got caught in the struggle, but luckily only got a little blood splatter on her ankle and shoe.

[making evidence markers]

The kids took strips of yellow cardstock, (3"x12" cut from a 12x12 cardstock sheet). They folded the stripin half. opened it tosee the fold mark. made a mark 3" up from the edge and folded the edge to tough that 3" mark. they folded both sides, then marked their number and taped the ends.

[making fingerprint powder]
We had a little left, but I wanted to make sure we had enough, plus show them how to make their own. Use tile and a candle to make soot. Mix equal parts soot cornstarch. Use a fingerprint brush to brush the surface for prints. (explained on this previous blog entry)

[The Crime Scene] see Molly on the floor next to victim.... she ended up being fine.
We arrived on the scene, notes were taken, a sketch was made, and photos were taken.

[marking evidence at the scene]

both knives were tested with Luminol. One showed no change. One had the bluish glow of blood trace! but I could not get a good picture of it. Use your imagination.

I used training Luminol. It was awesome to pray something and see it glow blue/purple! I purchased a special synthetic blood that reacts with Luminol! I'll try for better pictures of it working later.
(click here for a CSI Store online)

Below is a close-up of the head wound. Our victim was shot in the head and stabbed in the back with a knife.

They found bullet holes in a window. A few team members went outside to investigate and record evidence.

[Bullet casings found outside]
[marking & photographing evidence] this shows she was sot first and the suspect then came inside to stab her (bringing leaves from the bush by the window)


[analyzing evidence- prints off the glass]

[analyzing evidence]
~comparing bite marks~

The Lip marks on one of the glasses matched the victim and this apple. The teeth mark on the sandwich did not math the apple and the sandwich bitemark was smaller than the victim's teeth.

After the evidence was recorded, gathered, and analyzed, the kids then used their pictures and charts and measurements to reconstruct the crime scene.

They will be writing stories to explain what they think may have happened. I can't wait to hear them!

We had a lot of fun and found out how much there is do to process a crime scene.
We even SKYPED with some of our far-away friends so they could join in the fun!

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