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Wednesday the bagger at the grocery store asked if I need help to the car. It makes me wonder if they think I have a walker or am not strong enough to push a cart. It always throws me for a loop, I have to stop & think about, and I always end up stuttering a response.
"uhh. N-n-oo..I',..f-f-f-i-nr.ok."

Yes, I have to purposely rehearse my answer for the bagboy before I get in the check-out lane, so I don't sound to dorky.

I forgot to rehearse my response yesterday and paid th price by looking & acting like a moron in front of a high school kid.

I had GRAND plans for Forensics Class yesterday. But you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men...... actually, I don't know what they say. That's all I know of that phrase. But I guess they don't end well. Because they often don't.

I rolled out of bed at 8:15. I have a worse time readjusting to school times than I did with Jetlag when we flew to India & China!
I get breakfast and get dressed, actuaally, I got dressed first so I could go down into the kitchen and get breakfast. I get back upstairs to gather laundry and mentally planning my next 4 things I need to do. When I get the laundry halfway to the laundry room, Connor says he needs me to call the doctor because he'snot been able to hear out of his ears for a few days and it feels funny and like pressure.

So halfway to the laundry room I stop to call the doctor for Connor. LUCKY US the doctor had a cancellation at 9:50 that morning! It was 9:15. It takes 20 minutes to get to the doctor. I had to brush my teeth and Connor wasn't dressed..

I emailed the links and videos to Gavin and Ki. The ones I had planned on teaching to them and raeading over with them. and made a quick list of what they needed to do. Drove Connor to the doctor.

We read about Orangutans.

Connor has a lot of fluid behind his ear, but they can;t tell if it is infected. So he has meds and will need a consult with the otolaryngologist if it does not improve in 2 weeks.

get back, drop Connor off at home to start HIS school list, run back out to drop of the prescription. Back home again. Eat lunch, get the kids in the van for Improv day.

still have not had my shower.

no one shows up. We're all grumpy. We go home. The boys clean their rooms, I shower, and make ninja cookies. Eating Ninjas makes me feel better.


The wisemen brought their gifts wrapped in Evidence Bags.

Today my friend comes over for cookies & tea. The boys do their reading & Computer Programming.

Lunch. I ate while sitting in my cozy bed, watching my Pilates DVD. (I need to wacth workout DVDs before I do them)

Forensics Class.

We go over what they did on their own yesterday. I teach them some Greek work roots. They watch Forensic Science Videos. We do a lab about bullet holes in glass.

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here is the boys' independent Forensics from Yesterday:

take notes from the board. (3 fingerprint types)
and notes from the book on the characteristics of finger prints.

Watch these videos: you can watch part 2 & 3, too, if you want)

Go to this Wikipedia link: on the right hand side is a list of occupations: under the skull picture:
these are the ones I want you to do:

and a couple of the Digital Forensics:

Click on each and write in your notebook what it is.
For Example: you would write:

Forensic Entomology: Studying Insects to find clues.

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