Saturday, January 22, 2011

Yeah, I have had an award bestowed on my blog!

But, you will have to peruse the plethora of prattling before you get to the Wonderful Award part.

I am feeling better after laying in bed for 2 days. I was never Extremely Ill, but all stuffy & headachey & fatigued with cough. Knowing what I know about my immune system, I knew the best bet for feeling better by Sunday was to stay in bed doing nothing, resting, taking vitamins and NyQuil.

My neck feels compacted.

Today, Ki made macaroni for lunch. He used a cheese grater to drain the water. We have normal colanders. Some may think this is inventive and ingenious of him. Truth be told, it was a Lazy Kid thing. Th Colander was way in the back of the cupboard and the cheese grater was right in the front. Necessity is the mother of invention & Laziness is the mother of Ingenuity.

And now mt announcement! my blog has been given a award! (wonders never cease~)
Phyllis at "ALL Things Beautiful" has given me a Blog Award. THANKS!

Phyllis is a newer blog I have been following. She has great pictures and stories of all the fun things she does with her kids. She home schools & has 4 sons and a daughter. (if I have read correctly, I missed the daughter the first time I read her blog). Go check out her blog!

1) Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2) Share 7 things about yourself.
3) Award 15 recently discovered great blogs/bloggers.
4) Contact the bloggers to tell them about the award.

Seven new things? I guess new depends on how long you have been reading my blog and what you remember.

  1. I have a younger brother, Erik. He's 7.5 yrs younger than me. He has a son named Aspen.
  2. I lived in Virginia for a year. (my husband had a 1 yr rotation job in D.C.)
  3. I was home schooled for part of 5th grade and did not enjoy it. (homeschooling was so different back then! my mom didn't have anywhere near the types of resources home schoolers have today)
  4. I still have my Teddy bear from when I was almost a year old. I still sleep with him sometimes.
  5. I was hit by a car the summer between 2nd and 3rd grade. Or was it between 3rd & 4th?
  6. I helped take care of abandoned iguanas for my dad. (the year before we moved to California)
  7. I had pet salamanders when I was little.
Now onto awarding new (to me) bloggers

Sassy Classy mom to 3 young boys, and a sassy-classy fashionista. (is that a real word?)
Gabby @ Just Another Day in Paradise. She takes the neatest pictures of her adorable little girl!
Rima My new friend I met on a Crime Scene Website. She just started blogging, very recently! Check her Picture Slideshows!
Strider Thad- not a new friend, I knew him in Highschool, but I newly reconnected and found he has a blog. He's a very inspirational, Christian, Family man.
Linda's Lunacy - I just, brand new, found her (so I don't have a lot of knowledge about her blog yet) . She's a homeschooling mom with farm animals
Meander's LN a creative, ninja-type guy, dude and his thoughts and questions. BRAND new to the blogging world. Go read a few entries and tell him I sent you. My job in life to harass him, I could use your help.
An Ordinary Mom- not really- she goes beyond ordinary . A blog of great photos. life with 7 kids, and more.
FACING 50 W/ HUMOR She is facing 50 and laughing in his face! You need to go read her blog! Whether you've young or younger or not as young, her blog will make you laugh.
Laugh UntilYourCheeks Hurt. - go read it and you really will!!
Life with my 3 Boybarians - My new friend, Darcy!~ I seem to have a theme of blogs I like... moms with boys & blogs with great photos. This blog has both!
My ears Are Tired - She had me at the blog name! That is how I feel almost DAILY! My ears are tired!! She has a little bit of lots of good things! pictures, kids, school, thankfulness, links, and more.
Pebble Keeper- I really enjoy reading this fun blog, homeschooling boys! (and more). I love her current stuff on Soil Study and I want to do it with my boys!

** They will not be nearly as interested as I am, though. tough noogies. sometimes they learn what they know and love, sometimes I get to show them new things. (and they are perfectly fine listening/doing things with me that I just like and want to show them)

Random Becky - I enjoy reading the beautiful things she writes for those she loves. They way she shares memories. Do yourself a favor and check her blog!
Raising Future Leaders - another great blog- raising her kids (mostly boys) to be great thinkers and leaders.
Curious Georgi - her blog always makes me smile!

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