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Bones fer me Hearties!!

ARRrrr! It be a Piratey Day on the quarter deck, so don't be caught asleep at the helm! Time to leave yer landlubbin-ways marooned. Pillage the galley and Splice the mainbrace!

Why be it a Piratey Day? because I am getting mentally ready to play PIRATE FLUXX!! This game is not yet at your local game stores, but as a Demo Rabbit I can teach you how to play before the game hits the shelves so you will be ready to play the very day it comes out!

And because it is fun to have a Piratey Day. So Learn to Talk like a Pirate and join the fun!

***************** SCHOOL UPDATE ************

Now for the latest on the homeschool front; as that is what some of you come here to read.

Today we learned about bones. More specifically, how a forensic anthropologist can approximate the height of a victim. This involved math. and more than just 1 step. here is the formula for the Fibula:
(bone length X 2.44)+78.36) (bone length X 2.71)+65.26

Male Female
(bone length 2.99)+72.42 (bone length X 3.22)+61.32

That is in centimeters. To convert to inches- divide by 2.54.
To get feet, divide that by 12.

The first problem was just 1 bone, they found male &female height. Ki did not have to convert to inches.

The next problem had 2 bones found during a house construction. They were given the length of each bone (one a fibula, one a humerus). Then they were given information about 4 missing people. They had to find the height for both male and female for each bone, convert to inches, convert to feet, compare to the case files of the missing people to make a match.

Not once did Ki complain about doing math. For those of you that know anything about Ki & math, you know what a HUGE FEAT that is!!! HUGE I tell you!!

(if you want to do some on your own, the length of the humerus was 40cm. The Fibula was 35cm. These formulas are acurate within 4cm)

The missing people are:
Ryan Wegner 6'3"
Rob Graber 5'11"
Cheryl Harth 5'3"
Cindy Moll 5'10"

find the male & female height for both bones.

YESTERDAY was another math success!
The Lab yesterday was determining angle of impact for blood drops.
They had to measure the width and the length of the blood drops (in millimeters)
Then they had todivide width by length, then check a Trigonomic Ratio chart that gave the angle.

So a blood spatter drop that measures 16cm by 24 cm= 0.6667
check th chart and see that a 41 degree angle is .6561 and a 42 degree angle is 6691.
Our answer is closer to the 42 degree angle- that would be the answer.

They had 8 samples to figure. G&C were done when Ki was on #3. He got to #6 and I told him he could stop there,but he wanted to finish. He did a good job and didn't complain about the math.

Maybe forensic math is the key to Ki's math success.

(the book I have been using for these CSI lessons is: CSI Expert (lessons for kids grades 5-8)

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