Friday, January 7, 2011


Ki had 2 African Dwarf Frogs. I named them "Hip" & "Hop". I don't have pictures of them for you today. But they look like most African Dwarf Frogs. I do have a picture I found online.

One is thinner they other. The thinner one is "HIP" because 'hip' has an I and the letter I is skinny. The Chubby frog is "HOP", because 'hop' has an O and Os are round.
Hip, is also darker. and a male.

They do a lot of hugging. It's Hip hugging Hop. I think she tires of it. She tries to swim away or crawl into small places while he is hugging her; I bet in hopes to knock him off.

So, with all the hugging that has been going on we thought there might be some eggs. I saw some floating dots. African Dwarf Frogs are small. Their eggs are extremely TEENSY. I scooped out this roundish tiny blog I saw and plopped it under the microscope. This is what I saw:

Upon Closer examination, it looked like this:

If I saw that when I had my ultasounds I would have screamed.

Obviously, this was NOT the offspring of the 2 adoring African Dwarf Frogs. It may be the mutant child of an alien lifeform, that fell to earth on a meteorite that crash landed in a pond. The microscopic terror floated along in the water until it was scooped up, unknowingly, along with some frogs, that eventually came to live at my friend Petra's house.Then made their way to my house when Petra moved and gave us her 2 frogs (and mutant alien lifeforms).

We even got a couple videos of this creature dancing, swimming, and hunting diatoms. I would post it, but I am afraid the alien parents are keeping an eye on things down here and would get mad to see pictures of their mutant child online.

(click here to see an online picture with description, of these Aquarium Mites *scroll down until you get to "MITE")

The next day, I went to check the tank. I did not see any of the mites from the previous night, but I did see a tadpole and 2 eggs (used a magnifying glass to confirm the egg theory).
We found a few more of each.

So we could not find the Liqufry, but may try some other ideas. And we need to separate the tadpoles & frogs. or the frogs will mistake their babies as food.

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