Sunday, January 2, 2011


I need to take some pictures. I have not been good about that.
My goal this week: Take Some Pictures.
I'll keep you posted on that.


Monday's Multiples. I'm working on numbers 11-20 today. Wow, it will tale a long time to get whatever that really big number.

ah. yes. 1,000. (click and join the Monday Multitude Hop)

11. My New Bible. It is a Chronological Bible with History Study Guides. I am enjoying it.
12. Mondays. They are my very favorite day of the week. We are Back to our Normal Schedules, back working on a plan. It is an awesome feeling. Weekends are so... unscheduled it seems. (Yes, I say "unscheduled" like it is a bad thing)
13. Google Calendar- I can add things to my online color coded calendar and have it send me email reminders. I can even have email reminders sent to my family.
14. Grape Juice. It makes my mouth happy.
15. Toothbrushes and Toothpaste. I hate when my teeth feel like they need to be brushed. I love the feeling after I brush my teeth. I think I will go brush them now. It, too, makes my mouth happy.
{ that is much better.}
16. My DNA Earrings. They are so awesome. Connor made them. But I told you that already (back on my Birthday post).
17. SKYPE. I have not 'skyped' yet, but I plan on Skyping our big CSI Crime Scene Clean Up class. I miss my homeschool moms that have moved- this should be fun!~
18. The $1 bins at Michael's. That makes it easier to get gifts for the 12 days of Christmas for my 3 boys.
19. Earphones. So I can listen to music and drowned out the noisy household noises. The Noise level in a house of 3 boys is often higher than what my head can handle.
20. Flexibility. esp of my friends when I need to change plans. And I have been more flexible lately when I have to change plans. It doesn't stress me out as much as in the past. (but it still stresses me and upsets my applecart)

Monday. The first Monday of the month. The first Month of the year. I only start things on Mondays. try as I might, I just can't not start anything any other day of the week. The first Monday of the month is better. The First Monday of the First Month is a Planner's Dream come true!

I had such lovely plans for Monday. Plans that included Forensics, Science Day, Homeschool Friends, and an awesome Crime Scene; complete with a dead body! But, it was not meant to be this week. My dead body is still on vacation in Colorado and some of the detectives are on vacation (in Colorado with my 'victim') and some of my Crime Scene Clean Up team are out sick. So this will take place NEXT Monday.

I wonder if my block of cheese will last that long or if I'll need to buy new cheese for next week's Crime Scene.

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