Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pics from Today

It has been a busy past couple of days. Bible Study, Migraine, Over-Slept, Hanging at the park, Forensic Classes, Trying to figure out how to get Gavin registered for a college class. I even did a load of laundry. Yesterday. I should have a Forensic Class Post in a day or two. Need to finish up a few things. Until then, here are some pictures from today.

[above] Ki @Waller Park

[above] Gavin. Not sure why my boys were all staring off into space today. I think they enjoyed some quiet time at the park. (amid the climbing and jumping)

[above] Connor. He did all jumping and no staring off...

[above] from a couple days ago-in the Dinitchen.

[below] the rest are from my back yard

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