Sunday, January 16, 2011

Elvis the Black Inked Dinosaur

Tomorrow is Monday. The Month is January. Mondays in January are C.S.I. days. Homeschool Class at our house doing Forensic Science Activities.
(To Read About our FIRST CSI Activity- a Crime Scene! click HERE Crime Scene Analysis to read about it)

Tomorrow we will be comparing tool mark impressions, doing a few Challenges from here. and I will be using a cool Murder Mystery Investigation! My friend, Rima, had purchased it for her and her daughter and sent it to us when she was finished. It's a DVD with a murder mystery, suspects, evidence, crime logs.... I look forward to trying it out! Rima just started blogging, too! She is a brand new blogger- so please go visit her blog and tell her HI!
RIMA's BLOG: click

THANKS RIMA for letting us use the Murder Mystery Lesson!
Today my pastor made this smirky was awful. It looked just like Elvis.
like this: but worse. It was bad. Elvis gives me the CREEPS!

BUT- on the bright side (if there can be one after that), Pastor Aaron is back. I love his sermons. They are always chock-full of information. data. Research material. words. origins of words. He talks fast to get all the info in. My brain loves the constant stream of new information.

So, I went to get out my pen to write notes. EMERGENCY! All I had was a black pen.I do not own a black pen (how did it get into my bag?). I do not use black pens (yes, I am racist when it comes to pens. I accidently offended someone once.) I went to get one of the pens in the back off the seats. It was black ink, too. I begged asked Brian for the van keys so I could go search for a colored ink pen. I needed it quickly, as Pastor was getting ready to start. Brian laughed at me.

He asked Connor to go get me a pen. Connor grabbed a Black Pew Pen and handed it tome.I told him I can't use black. He laughed at me.

I grabbed the keys from Brian and run to the back of the church to ask Christie is she has a non-black-ink pen I can borrow (before I went to check the van- to save time). She gave me an odd look, but did not laugh. (because I had told her not to laugh at me, but I needed a non-black ink pen so I could take notes)

At home, Connor asked why I hate black ink pens so much. (and called me racist). I told him I think it is because they remind me of writing with a pencil. I can not stand writing with a pencil.
He asked what was bad about the way pencil looks. It old him it is more the sound. That scratching on the paper sound the lead makes. (and the lines are somewhat smudged). Seeing the black ink reminds me of how the pencil sounds and feels and that makes my teeth itch.

So, my pastor looks like Elvis sometimes and they only have black ink pens. It is grounds for finding a different church almost. But my pastor usually looks like a pachycephalosaurus . I like pachycephalosauruses. And you can't beat the sermons! So I guess I'll be staying despite the Black Pew Pens and Elvis Smirk.

STAY TUNED for our CSI CLASS Update from tomorrow's activities!

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