Wednesday, January 26, 2011

LazyDazy School Days!

We all slept in today. Not a lot, though. I emailed the boys with a few things to do for school. I was still tired from Tuesday and didn't want to have lead anything until a little later.

I sent them this:

Then I decided to advantage of my laziness by having them measure the blood drops on various surfaces.. that we did Monday and I did not clean-up. So they could see the difference between freshly dropped blood and blood that had been there a couple days.

After that they kinda did nothing much followed their interests for their activities. Connor charged his new video camera and got a Memory Card for it. He also played on the computer. Gavin played on the computer. Ki worked on Lightwave, Then, Ki and I worked on making masks.

He thought he might like to paint a mask, so he got his paint kit he got for his Birthday, from Grammy. He rearranged them all so they were in order of color.
Then he decided to try out all his brushes and mix paints instead of painting his mask.

After a very looooong, drawn out lunch, I had the boys work on some Forensics. They dropped blood from different heights to compare the spatter. (we are using fake blood, for those who are new to reading my blog).

Then we talked about how to find the angle of impact for blood spatter. They measured some pictures of blood spatter and did the math, check the charts and found their angle of impact. Then we talked about how that info can be used in forensics.
If the blood spatter is only a few inches off the ground (on the wall), the victim was shot in the head,and the blood spatter has a 90 angle of impact, we can deduce the victim was laying on the ground when he was shot by someone at the same level as his head (not standing shooting downwards).

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I have decided that part of the reason I homeschool is because I am lazy. I do not want have to follow a schedule and want to sleep-in and worry about schooling when I'm ready. I like being lazy. It is a good kind of lazy, though. I know so, because Lazy Mom writes wonderful posts about the benefits of being a lazy parent. If you are not too lazy to, you should stop by and read her take on Lazy Moms. <-- CLICK

Then I looked at a frog egg under the microscope. It was neat. So defining shape yet, but it wiggles.

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