Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shoe Prints, Foam, and Cake

(To Read About our FIRST CSI Activity- a Crime Scene! click HERE Crime Scene Analysis to read about it)
Yesterday my Crime Scene Techs were called to the scene of a Citrus Theft. The culprit left a shoeprint in the dirt. The Techs took a cast of that print and let it dry overnight. Today they cleaned off the dirt, then compared the shoes in the closet to the cast. Connor was quick to find the shoe.

here is a picture list of how this was done:

1. I cleared out an area of dirt in the garden next to the Orange Tree.

2. I put on an older shoe and stepped in the dirt, leaving a print.
3. I called the CSI crew out to take a cast of the clue. Ki mixed the Cast Material.
4. Connor Poured it.

5. We waited 30 minutes and Ki lifted it out of the ground.

5.5 We went inside, learned a few Acronyms ( ICPO, ATF, CIA, LAPD, etc)- the boys each researched 2 of them online and wrote a few sentences. Ki researches NCIS (as he likes that TV show)
6. The cast dried inside the house over night and today C&K cleaned the dirt off of it.

7. Connor quickly found the match, though he looked at all the shoes, he was easily able to distinguish the non-matches.

1. Also Yesterday, I got out the box of Bio-Foam. Used by investigators to make a quick impression. (like of a suspects fist to see if it matches marks on the victim. "here, press your hand into this foam."

2. each boy pressed their hand into the foam. Connor PUNCHED his hand in,making cracks in the box.

3. Today I bought a big bag of plaster of paris. Gavin mixed it and poured into the foam molds.

4. Then Gavin pored the rest into one of the latex gloves.

5. We'll check them tomorrow.


  1. Taylor Smith had entered a Betty Crocker Baking Contest. She was sure to win once again with her Award-Winning Chocolate Caramel Upside Down Cake, but a MAJOR UPSET was reported. Taylor came in LAST! She was devastated. After the contest, she tasted her cake.It was AWFUL! She determined there was WAY too much Baking Powder. She remembered that Gavin, Connor, and Ki had all visited her before baking area during the cake preparation. When questioned, the detective found each to have a vial of white Powder.
They Were All Very Happily Suspicious!!

2. Turns out it was not really Gavin, Connor and Ki, but their Evil Twins. You can tell because the Evil Twins sis NOT line up by age. G,C, &K always. ALWAYS. automatically line up by age.

3. My CSI Techs got to work recording the evidence, analyzing and noting appearance, texture, and chemical reactions.

4. It turned out that Ki's Evil Twin was the Saboteur. He lost his title and will not be allowed to compete in the Cake Competition for 4 yrs.

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