Thursday, January 20, 2011

CSI/Forensic Science Idea Links

I have a bad cold,maybe the flu. Sinus ickiness at any rate. No, new/great/funny blog entry. No awesome pictures. Just to let you know: I have great kids. Ki made me toast. He said "sick people like toast". And he makes pretty good toast, too! Toast is just toast, you say? Yes, you can make bad toast; burnt, too dry, to soft..... And I told them I'd drive them to see the BIG LAUNCH if hey woke me at 11:30. They let me sleep and just watched from the back yard. They could have gone to the the launch site with their dad if they wanted. They let me sleep instead. Gavin rode his bike to Starbucks to get me a latte. Yes, I paid, but he was happy to do it for me, never asked for anything for himself, (He LOVES Chai from Starbucks)

The boys did a CSI Kit yesterday. The kind you can buy at a toy store. The ones that are all colored/themed/labeled with the CSI TV Show stuff.

I was disappointed. They may be good for a little kid toy, but NOT for actual lesson plan supplements. It's not even good for 'easy practice of what we just learned'. Seriously, just do some research, but a few things and make your own classes. The stuff we have been doing so far is way better. and more fun.

So, below are links to lesson plans, online stores, and lesson books. class challenges I would say Middle School and up. good for Class warm Ups, time fillers Magazine Downloads, articles, instructions, more. This one is a little 'higher grade level'. More advanced? More indepth? something like that. Good for actual lessons and activities. a list of different online sites for Forensic Science Lessons Forensic Science Worksheets. Must be a member, but I think it is a free sign up. But I forgot my password. I'll have to check saved Emails. NOTE! --> write down your log in and password and remember where you put it!! I haven't looked through this one well yet. As the 1st two seem to be keeping me busy. I think I'll peruse this one today.
The Mysterious Death of Lewis (Lewis & Clark). I want to use this in a week or two.

STORES ONLINE: these are where I bought our supplies.

BOOKS: we got these. I like them.
  • Crime Scene Investigation. They have Elementary and Middle-High School.
  • CSI Expert (grades5-8). It says grades 5-8, but it is just as good, even better in some places ,than the 6-12th grade book above. I suggest both books. Esp if you have a few weeks or month to devote to lots of Forensic Fun

** To Read our FIRST CSI Activity- a Crime Scene! click HERE Crime Scene Analysis

**Check Out Pictures from our Cake Mystery and Shoe Impression by clickingHERE (shoes, foam, & cake).

** Pics of making our own Fingerprint powder and using it: CLICK HERE

** Group Class TOOL MARKS Click HERE

'NOW- go enjoy the day, enjoy your kids, enjoy SCIENCE!

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