Friday, January 28, 2011

No School Today

Why was there no school today? Because my husband told the boys it is House Cleaning Day instead. This means 2 things:
1. The kitchen will finally get cleaned.
2. So much for the Anthropology Lab I had planned. may also mean that I am a bad housekeeper, but we're going with; "I'm good at preparing them to take care of themselves"

Ki is till painting. He seems to really be enjoying his nice paint set from Grammy.

I took pictures yesterday, with the good lens even, but forgot to post them on my blog. See, I forgot to put the memory card in my camera....It's a good thing I did not commit to that Picture Every Day for the whole year-thing.

I took some today though:

This was taken at my acupuncture appointment:

Here is ME, taking a picture of myself in the reflection
of the Drive-Through Speaker at Taco Bell:

Here is the ice in Connor's water
@ Arby's

Here is a neat plant outside@ Arby's

Take A Guess.....??

Another plant/bush at Arby's
I like the blurry cars on the street.

This was on my rose tree in my front yard:

So was this:

I tried a Brussel Sprout today. They had a cooking demonstration at the Farmers Market. They were sauteing brussell sprouts with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. They smelled so yummy.

I sank my teeth into the little gem of olfactory goodness. It hit my taste buds. My stomach instantly revolted, spasming my stomach muscles. It took every thing in me to not SPEW said brussel sprout across the market stand into someone's hair.

I'll stick with carrots.

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