Thursday, January 27, 2011

Candles & Water Drops

Another Lazy School Morning. this means I am tired,so I email a few things to the boys, to keep them occupied until I wake up enough to lead school in person.
I have not fully recovered from the other night's lack of sleep.

Connor turned 16 on Tuesday. He is so fun & goofy. And not that tall/big. And easy-going. So when people ask him if he turned 13 or 14, he's used to it. I think a lot of people expect "teens" to act like...well, "teens". He doesn't. (which is a great thing in my books)

Somebody, anybody, give that kid a haircut!!

I enjoyed taking some pictures outside yesterday, but was disappointed to not have the NEW LENS with me. So Brian left it home today.

I am posting some of yesterday's NON-NEW-LENS pictures, for your enjoyment:

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