Friday, January 7, 2011

Morning - Noons - and Night

I have been doing fairly good reading my new bible. I like all the Historical/Cultural notes it has. (click to see: My Reading List Page )

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  • MORNING : woke at 8-ish. Was downstairs by about 8:20 to leave a list of what the boys needed to do. Eat. Vitamins. Protein. Read. Computer Programming. And had to email Ki's Theater class links and lesson ides to him. Which was not the original intent of the class. It was to be a class we do together. But I had a much needed Acupuncture Appointment tis morning. Ki read the whole time. No theater class for him today.
  • Almost NOON: Returned home. Ate some protein. (my breakfast was just a couple swallows of a breakfast shake & acupuncture makes me hungry & dizzy at first). Ki called a few Pet Stores. We drove to a few Pet Stores. We did NOT find Liquifry. (liquid food for hid tadpoles). Made a stop at Trader Joe's for a few groceries.
  • NOON: Ate lunch. Told the kids to eat lunch and get their Forensics Notebooks so we could go take our Quiz when lunch was over. Connor chose to not eat lunch. Computer Programming was more important.
  • After NOON: We packed our notebooks, pencils, blank note cards, Mad Scientist University Game, and CSI book into the van. We head to Starbucks, order drinks, play Mad Scientist University while waiting for our drinks to be ready. Then we continued the last round while drinking our drinks. After playing Mad Scientist University we do the Forensics Quiz. It was Oral. I asked them different questions, they talked, explained, answered. After the quiz I had them take notes about a few things. Latent VS Visible prints.....Genotype VS Phenotype...... Laceration VS Abrasion. Plus they did some Crime Scene Scrambles! The had to unscramble:
a. - snoopi

b. - toungsh

c. –ssticlaibl

d. - tveedtice

e. - dractufre saslg

It was a good Starbuck's Quiz day!

  • NIGHT: ate. I tried something new. Steel Cut Oats with Flax Seed. (and Brown Sugar). Then I blogged and checked Facebook. I read my new Bible. And now want to watch Netflix or play a card game.

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