Monday, January 17, 2011

TOOL MARKS, pageviews & more

CSI Day was Tool Marks today. We had a late start. One of our students had a long, tiring weekend. A few students didn't make it, and my kids were there early. (because they live here....)

The boys spent some time doing Word Scrambles while T & I prepped the Investigation Laboratory. We had 4 stations. The first was Señor Lémoné. He was brought in with 2 puncture wounds. The Crime Scene Techs recovered 4 pairs of scissors and a small knife that looked like they may have been the murder weapon. Our Lab Tech took measurements, compared data, and found what was the actual murder weapon.

Our Next Victim had a puncture wound, too, but it had a hole shaped entrance and no exit wound. This Lab Tech made similar punctures with the different screwdrivers that were recovered from the scene. He filled each with a cast material. He also examined the entry wounds (before casting) and compared the one the victim to the samples.

Our 3rd Lab Tech had a complicated case. Mr. Clay Bloque was attacked by a gang and had many different wounds that needed to be identified. There were 5 different marks. plus the knuckle marks.

Part of Mr. Clay Bloque was severed from the rest of his body annd found a few feet away. Our 4th Lab Tech had to determine what type of knife was used and then compare to knives recovered from the scene.

Due to time constraints, and the fact that a few techs couldn't make it, we decided to postpone the Fatal Error Murder Investigation until next class.

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** Pics of making our own Fingerprint powder and using it: CLICK HERE


I was looking at my stats. My entry a few weeks ago is now #4 of all time. (blog entries since early 2007). It was our first Crime Scene Analysis Class; the class with the real victim, Luminol, and Fingerprint Powder! 71 views!

Close behind is an entry from April Last year, entitled " Three Chickens and Billy Bug." = 66 views.

My 3rd Place for pageviews is "Obstacle Course & 'semi-unschool' ". May 2007. 157 views.


We went to the beach after lunch. I bought something for my mom's birthday, collected some rocks, and watched the boys play in the freezing cold water. I had to buy new sunglasses, because I forgot to check my bag for mine and the intense bright sun gave me an instant headache.

So now I have cool, trendy sunglasses from the Avila Beach Store. (I forget the actual name of the store)

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