Thursday, April 29, 2010

3 Chicken and Billy Bug

Billy Bug was very hungry. He had eaten all the Bug-Bite leaves on his side of the bridge. On the other side of the bridge was a huge field of lovely, green Bug-Bite leaves. As Billy Bug started across the bridge he was greeted by an Inchworm armed with Bo Shurikens. The Inchworm’s name is Bosh.
Bosh asks our little friend, Billy Bug, what his business is at bridge. Billy Bug tells bosh that he is hungry and out of Bug Bite Leaves on this side of the bridge, so he was just going to cross over to the other side and eat a few leaves.

Bosh says that Billy Bug can do that, but along the way across the bridge are 3 chickens. Each chicken will have 3 questions he must answer correctly to be allowed to pass. But before Bosh lets Billy Bug start across the Bridge he gives Billy a little history about the bridge. He said that the bridge has 33 pieces of wood. Billy bug can clearly see that there are a lot more than 33 pieces of wood and asks Bosh why he thinks it has 33. Bosh shows Billy Bug the page in his history book. Written on the page is; “The bridge was built using 33 planks of wood.” Further down the page, Billy reads that the builders counted using the VIGESIMAL system. And NOT the base 10 system that we are used to.

1. What is the Vigesimal System? What does “33” mean in the Vigesimal system?

Billy has been studying his math and know he’ll be able to beat a chicken at numbers, so he proceeds across the bridge. After what would be a few steps to us, but was more like 30 minutes worth of walking for Billy, he encounters the 1st chicken. The 1st chicken is blue. The Blue Chicken stomps her foot down right in front of Billy and says he must answer her 3 questions before he can pass and if he doesn’t he will be eaten! Billy, though he knew he was better at math than chicken, forgot that chickens eat bugs.

The Blue Chicken asked Billy his 1st question. (which is your 2nd question) and 2nd & 3rd
2. “If a red chicken lays 3 eggs that are yellow, green, and white and they weigh 87 grams, 22.09 grams and 0.77 grams, what do they all weigh when combined?”
3. “A box of chicken feed weighs 453.03 grams. My friend the yellow chicken ate 1 grain of rice that weighed 0.005 grams. How much does the box of chicken feed now weigh?”
4. How much did you (Billy) weigh when you were born? (Billy weighs 0.00072 grams now, but weighed 100 times LESS when he was born.)

Having passed the Blue Chickens 3 tests, Billy then walks about 30 minutes further before being stopped by the Yellow Chicken and asked the following questions;
5. “How many minutes would 44 degrees equal?” (page 16 in your book talks about this.
6. The yellow chicken shows Billy a picture of a circle that has a diameter of 10 feet. Under the picture are 4 options for finding the circumference of the circle and asks Billy which is the correct way to write how to find the circumference of the circle. (I'll write these by hand on Ki's Paper)

7. “Billy Bug, I had a certain amount of corn and divide them by 1 million. What would be the INVERSE function of that?

Billy Bug is a smart bug and got all of the answers correct. He was feeling very pleased with himself and was whistling a little bug tune when suddenly he was captured by a very large white chicken. The white chicken asked him the following questions:
8. In my nest I have 1339 twigs. Rounding to the nearest tens place, how many twigs do I have in my next?
9. Billy, if you stood on my smallest twig and I weighed both you and the twig, the total weight would be 0.09 grams. How much is that rounded to the nearest 10th of a gram?
10. My last question for you is this, Billy; If you were being chased by a giant monster bug that was a thousand times heavier than you, how much would the giant monster bug weigh? (Billy weighs 0.00072 grams)
Billy Bug answered all the questions correctly and was permitted to the other side of the bridge where the green, juicy Bug Bite leaves grew. He enjoyed a huge, delicious dinner!
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