Wednesday, April 14, 2010

AdVenTurEs In kNitTinG

I'm knitting the ribbing rows for a hat. I counted my stitched cast-on. twice. thrice. 84. I should start my row with K2 and end with P2- so I can start the next row P2...etc. I end the row with 3 stitches- so end with P1. start the next with P1 (then go to K2P2). that ends with P2. the next row starts P2 & ends with P2 the next starts Ps & ends 3 again, so I do all 3 of them Knit, starting the next row with K3P2K2P2K2P2.... we'll see...... It'll be a surprise. kinda like a secret project- but not one I'd want to give as a gift...LOL.

I finished my last row of ribbing. the last 5 stitches were:
P3K2. which goes well with the first 5-- they were 3 knit and then onto P2K2P2.....

I have some think yellow cotton yarn. I wonder if I can double it (to match the thickness of the black I am using) and add a few rows of into this hat. I might try. Might as well add to the mess.

On a very sad note- I think my kitty is ding of old age. she is sleeping in a patch of sun right now. she stopped eating and drinking and can barely stand, but seems comfortable.
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