Tuesday, April 27, 2010

MYTHOLOGY lesson plans

MYTHOLOGY : ROMAN : these are ideas/notes for me. Ki will be getting a basic Syllabus for the class- more simplified and concise than this. along with this, we will get books from the Library and probably watch something via Netflix that goes with the Class.

(Ki's May-term Schedule, probably: HomeRoom 8:30-9. Mythology 9-9:40 (session A) & 10-10:40 (session B). Creative Writing 10:50-11:30 ~~ LUNCH ~~ Sketching/Drawing 12:45-1:15 (A) 1:25-2:15 Science or Math or Reading 2:15-2:45.—ALL times are very approximate and not written in stone- a guide to keep us on track)

WEEK ONE: Roman gods. Their names and stories. Roman Worship Practices.

During week 1- Session A will be reading Myth/Stories (to Ki- he loves listening to stories). Session 2 will be activites: Lapbook, Note Taking, LEGOs, Making a Video/Puppet Show, etc.

http://rome.mrdonn.org/gods.html Watch the Power Point Story of CHOAS- compare to God's story of creation in Genesis 1.( Read Gen. Creation Account), asic skeleton outline of ideas and links so far collected.nd Uranus- who were like God- they created everything in the beginn

WEEK TWO: More Romans gods and their stories. Early Church, New Testament.


Session A: Roman gods in Space (includes Lapbook/Notes Work)

Session B: Roman Creatures/Monsters (includes Lapbook/Notes Work)



WEEK FOUR: UNPLANNED this will be for making up/catching up, review, display of Lapbook, maybe a Quiz, etc. I'll have things to add to WEEK FOUR as we progress ans I see where this takes us.

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