Friday, April 9, 2010

~ May I Skip April ~

MAY... as in the month after April... during which we are kind of oscillating between strict scheduled and relaxed nothing.
This little bog entry is about May-Term.
May-Term is like J-Term, but in May instead of January.

The last two J Terms, G&C have chosen pretty much the same thing. Gavin actually did chose the exact same 2 classes both years, physics & computer/robotics, which I did offer. For May-Term, which is new this year, they do not have the choice of what they took in J Term.
(J-Term- during the month of January they boys take 2 classes a day- about 2 hours each class- classes of their choice, from a broad list of things I know they will enjoy)
They LOVE J-Term (as i did when I wen to High School and we had J-Term). Ki asks to do it every other month. This year I told him we could do MAY-term, because May rhymes with "J". (and is the only month that rhymes with "J" and they don't want to think they are doing school on other 2 "J" months. Ki is very good when presented with 'a reason I can convince him is logical. The more insane a person is the better they are of convincing others of their logic)

Here is my line up for May Term. I actually considered having all "M" classes.

Mythology.... this is what is sounds it is.

Forensics A&P.... this is Forensics with some Anatomy & Physiology thrown in for good measure. A&P is useful in forensic sciences


Reading (the classics).... I'll have a long list of classical literature. They can choose in which order to read them and that'll be their 2 hours a day for that class. (actually I am thinking I'll go with 1.5 hour slots)

Art (with choices)... choices like "Drafting & Sketching" (G will like this best), Ki got a painting set for Christmas, so that'll be a good choice

Church History.....

The World Wars ...WW1 and WW2. I'll have to take the 'weapons and planes' approach to make it appealing. Like Warfare & Weapons of the World Wars ....or something.

May-Term will be 3 classes a day; hence the 1.5 hour class slots. There will be 2 OPTION slots and 1 REQUIRED slot daily.
There are 2 required classes though. They will alternate on which days they take place, M-W-F and T-Th.

Required classes are [1] ALL-creative writing [2] science for C&K, Sewing for G

Yes. Gavin will be required to learn sewing 2 days a week for the month of May. He will thank me later... or not.

AHHHHHH! I love when a plan comes together!
and even more; I love making plans. THESE are the some of the GREATest times of homeschooling.

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