Saturday, March 27, 2010

work. Work, WORK!

:: AHCHOO ::

Sounds like someone is allergic to work. Hopefully not my kids, because there is another Darkshore Dollars Day approaching.

Since the boys get no allowance and don't have 'real jobs' yet, they earn money when they ask for it, or if I offer some 'extra paying jobs'. Sometimes I offer these jobs just to give them an opportunity to earn money, sometimes because there are too many jobs I don't want to do at the moment so I pay them to do a couple of mine for me, or sometimes because I know there is a function coming up they want to attend and I don;t want to ' just fork out the money' so they get to work it off. I decided to add a few different things I don't normally put on Paying Job List. I'm thinking of letting them earn money by writing reviews to shows they watch. Right now they are watching Farscape and they like to watch Doctor Who. We'll see if it works out well. I'm considering adding 'make a breakfast and dinner menu and cook 2 days of the week'; like a paid personal chef.

So Far I have:

  • mop kitchen

  • pull weeds

  • clean shoe closet

  • wash windows

  • sweep/scrape front porch

  • scrape back steps

  • clean toaster oven

  • clean silverware drawer

  • 25CENT worksheets (need to print off a few)

  • write 1 page reports on Farscape, Doctor Who, etc

  • water plants for a week

  • Darkshore Dollars Day will be Monday and Thursday next week.
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