Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I decided we needed a BEACH DAY!! I told the boys last night that'd were going to the beach today and they can boffer sword there most the day.
it's the first thing Ki was talking about when he woke up!
No morning school (I told them Math & science when we got back- that's all)
Amtgard-Boffersword on the dunes and in the water!

The were so happy and had a great time.
we found live Sand Dollars. it was fun to watch their little purple hairs wave and wiggle.

Tonight is Get Your Own dinner- which is just about their favorite. Top Contenders are CornDogs, Toast, Baked Beans, Bacon Sandwhich.. we'll see..

and then they'll watch a DVD. They think maybe Battle Star Galactica.

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