Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"I've got Rhythm...."

or not. Actually, it's more like arrhythmia. It's been a very arrhythmic week, cardialogically speaking. So I took it easy today. No Ninja Training. No Bike rides.

My students ( the male offspring) decided to sleep in. I had them doing Ninja Training daily, too. Two whole days of it , combined with other activities (like karate and gymnastics) wore the out.

So we were a little less scheduled that planned. They still did everything, we just didn't use the time slots. Except for art class. It's was at Petra's house.

"You Decide; Bill of Rights" study is going well. The boys enjoy debating. I enjoy they aren't debating my rules or me or nonsensical issues in my house. (I charge money when they get to be too annoying bickery in the house)

It was our first "Art with Petra" class. G has been asking to do more art and Ki needed to have some more art experiences. I was very impressed. he drew LARGE; covering the whole paper, and he didn't have to have thee whole thing on the page. He tried just drawing part of the flower very close up. He normally draws small, in the corner, and never ever 'overlapping the edge'. Connor looked very nice, too. The theme was Georgia O'keeffe.

We hung around a bit longer to let the boys play in the water sprinkler. It was pretty warm today.

I need to write a tailored math review page for Ki tonight. And grade C's Science test.

I can't wait till my latest round of seeds sprout!

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